Review: His Temporary Fix by Sofia Grey

His Temporary Fix by Sofia Grey
Series:  Love at the Beach
Release Date: October 26, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Pages: 111
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Holly Jacobs loses her heart a little too easily. Never again. But when she meets the sexy soldier on the beach, Holly knows she’s in big trouble. Zack Winter is gorgeous and in pain, and when he kisses Holly, all of her resolve melts away…

Zack is on short-term leave to attend a funeral, and he’s walking a fine line. The loss is unbearable…and he’ll do whatever it takes to distract himself from it. Especially if it means a night of searingly-hot sex with Holly Jacobs. Only his brilliant idea isn’t exactly going according to plan.

One night isn’t nearly enough. But if it goes much longer it might end in broken hearts…


Review: His Temporary Fix is a chance meeting turned into the most important person you’ll ever happen upon in your life. They say things happen for a reason. In Holly and Zach’s case, this proved to be true. Holly stumbles upon Zach while walking her brother’s dogs on the beach. When the playful pups bump into him and he drops a bracelet in the water. A mad dash to save the jewelry from the tide opens up to a powerful conversation.

Zach’s recently lost his sister, and is in town on leave from the Armed forced for her funeral. A woman who’s been through losing her parents in a car accident, Holly immediately feels a connection to the man. They bond over their stories as he opens up, sharing his grief, and his experiences in Afghanistan. At times, it’s far easier to talk to a stranger, than a loved one. An undeniable connection is forged between them, but it’s challenged as the story takes unexpected twists and turns.

Ms. Sofia Gray did an excellent job of showing us who Holly was. Holly is the woman with the soft heart, who falls for men in need, and constantly finds herself taken advantage of. I could relate to her in the way I think we all can. You want to think the best about people, and at times that faith ends up backfiring. Intelligent, self-reliant, and loyal, I wanted to see her have her happy ending with someone who understood her worth.

I felt nothing but compassion or Zach, who’d been through so much, and I think, blamed himself for situations completely out of his control. The tough service man used to protect, needed someone in his corner, and Holly fit the bill and then some. I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom and be tested.

My only complaint was that the action over powered the romance. I wanted to see more relationship development. At times it felt one-sided on Holly’s part, and I didn’t care for that.

Especially given her history with men. I wanted to see Zach do more to meet her in the middle.
Over all it was an enjoyable read with nice twists, and a quickly developed romance.