Calling All Reviewers



Are you an avid reader?  Have you tried your hand at reviewing?  Or maybe you’ve thought about it but didn’t know where to start.  Or maybe you are a reviewer, but don’t have access to books to review.  Perhaps we can help.

In the coming months, Romancing the Book is going to be shifting focus a little and will be having less guests and more reviews.  To do this, we need more reviewers on our staff.  If you’re interested, please go here to sign up.  But, if you need more details before signing up, keep on reading.

  • We ask for a minimum of two reviews a month.  You can always review more, as you can handle, but reviews are due 30 days after the book has been sent to you.  The only exceptions are if they are for a promotion (we review at least one book for every guest at the blog) or if a different deadline has been agreed upon.
  • 95% of our book requests are ebooks, so you must be able to read that format.  Most print books that we have access to will be for US residents, with some exceptions for Canada and even fewer for international residents.  That said, we do have a 3 month trial period where only ebooks are available.
  • When signing up to be a reviewer, you need to provide links to reviews that you’ve written in the past (this can be on your own blog, another site you review for, Amazon or Goodreads).  If you have never written a review before, we require a sample review.  Take a book you’ve read recently or perhaps a favorite of yours and write a review.  The review is to tell us why you liked or disliked the story, characters and writing.  It is not to bash the author or give away the storyline with a summary or spoilers.  It needs to be a minimum of 100 words.  All of these are requirements for reviews that we post on the blog, which is why we ask for the sample of your writing.
  • We have positive relationships with many big and small publishers as well as Indie authors.  We can get most books that are requested.  However, to maintain that positive relationship and reputation, we must have quality reviews that have met the deadline.

If you’re still interested, then please fill out the form on this page.  And if you have any questions, please shoot Jen an email at reviews.bookblog AT