Try It Tuesday: Acne Treatment by Clear N Smooth



Acne Treatment
Manufacturer: Clear N Smooth
Size: 6 ounces
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

ACNE TREATMENT: One of our best selling products. Why? Because it works! Clears blackheads, pimples, shaving razor bumps and stubborn blemishes. Works on all skin types – for teens, women and men

DEEP PORE CLEANSING: The astringent function constricts your pores to squeeze out mud residue, mask residue, clay residue, sweat, oils, and other impurities that become a food source for bacteria to feed on and cause blemishes. A great makeup remover

ACNE PREVENTION: Fights and prevents future breakouts from developing. The toner function deposits acne-fighting ingredients and skin conditioners into your pores to fight against blemishes and acne reoccurrence

GENTLE EXFOLIATION: Our formula contains Salicylic Acid to provide a mild exfoliation that keeps pores free of dead cells and excess oil. Proper exfoliation gives your skin a healthier, age-defying and more-youthful glow

TO YOUR SKIN CARE: As a proud USA lab and manufacturer, we formulated this product to treat acne, cleanse and constrict pores, clear redness, keep acne away and to give skin a smooth and fresh look


Review: I have had acne prone, oily skin since my teenage years. Now at the age of 27, I have tried several different acne treatments, some that worked and some that I would not recommend to my worst enemy. However, since leaving my home state of Florida, my skin has made some weird changes and I have had trouble finding anything that works for me. That is why I decided to try the Clear N Smooth Acne Treatment.

I was extremely worried about trying this product because some of the products I have tried in the past have done horrible things to my skin. So, when I received the product in the mail, I sat it on my bathroom counter for a while trying to work up the courage to test it out. After a few weeks, I finally opened the bottle after my nightly face wash routine, grabbed some cotton balls, and applied the product to my face. I was very afraid to look in the mirror the next morning but I realized that I didn’t have any new painful pimples on my face so I took a peak. My skin looked much better than it had the night before. It was smoother, softer, less red, and the small pimples I did have were already starting to disappear.

I can’t believe how well this product worked for me. I continued to use it for a few weeks in case it was a freak accident that it actually worked. My skin continued to improve and my pimples were bare minimum when I did have one. I am very impressed with the Clear N Smooth Acne Treatment. I actually stopped using it for a while to see if my skin had cleared up on its own or if it was really the product that was making the difference. HUGE MISTAKE! Within a couple of weeks, my skin was oily and pimply again. Needless to say, I’ve started using the treatment again. I am also impressed with how long this single 6-ounce bottle has lasted. I use the product every 2-3 days because although I have oily skin, if I use the treatment every day my skin dries out and starts to peel. I use one cotton ball and a small splash of treatment to cover my entire face/jaw area. I use one more cotton ball and splash to cover my neck. I always wash and dry my face before applying the product. I’m sure you have heard “A little goes a long way”. Well, this is absolutely true with this treatment.

The only regret I have with using this product is not taking before and after pictures. I honestly didn’t expect it to work, therefore I didn’t want to show the world my face go from bad to worse. I will continue to use Clear N Smooth Acne Treatment and I would definitely recommend it!