Review: Dark Season by Joanna Lowell

Dark Season by Joanna Lowell
Release Date: June 20, 2016
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 296
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Haunted by her Future

Tainted. Degraded. Doomed. Doctors told Ella Arlington that her epilepsy would prevent her from living a normal life. When her cousin tries to put her in an institution, she flees to London, determined to control her own destiny. But while at a séance, Ella’s epileptic fit is mistaken for spiritual possession. Loath to reveal her scandalous condition, she goes along with the misperception, and soon finds herself attracting the attention of a devilishly handsome viscount determined to keep the past buried.

Tortured by his Past

Viscount Isidore Blackwood’s fiancée died with secrets he’s vowed to keep, but nothing could have prepared him for the arrival of a mysterious woman who’s rumored to have contacted her ghost. He doesn’t believe for a moment that Ella possesses supernatural powers. Her presence, however, shakes him to his core and when he accuses Ella of being a con artist, sparks unexpectedly ignite between them.

When some surprising truths come to light about Phillipa’s death, Isidore concocts a plan to stage a spectacle of a séance for the ton with Ella’s help. Their devil’s pact might just flush out a killer, but will Isidore let his fury and guilt consume his own soul in the process? And can Ella trust him enough to gamble on a future she never thought she could have?


Review: I don’t know where to start. I wasn’t totally sold on this story. But I am not saying that it may not work for someone else. I had a rough time grasping the story. I had to re-read it a few times to find out what was going on. I was lost. Once I was able to get past the first few chapters and I thought I had it figured out, I found that I was still a tad bit confused.

Ms. Lowell didn’t do a bad job, it is just that I found it well confusing. I found out that Ella has epilepsy. Ella has these spells. Most people back than didn’t know what exactly was happening and treated them as being mad. In this case she was treated as being processed or overtaken by the spirit of Sid’s fiancé or so everyone thought or perhaps wanted to believe. A séance and an epileptic episode and we had the premise for an interesting story.

You see Ella ran away to avoid being put in an institution. While I found Ella to be well thought out as a character I didn’t really get that connection. I think maybe it was lost because of my lack of total understanding. But I feel that she could be someone that some can relate to.

Then there is Sid or Viscount Isidore Blackwood. I found him to be a little rough for someone of his stature. He was protecting his fiancé from ruin; even after her death. He was handsome enough but still a bit stand offish for me. I did like that he was loyal; keeping the secret that his fiancé entrusted him with.

Sid and Ella did give off some minor sparks and there was a bit of chemistry low lying between them but I just didn’t feel that jolt that I normally do. Things did heat up as they became partners to find Sid’s deceased fiancé’s killer. They also did heat up the bedroom a bit also.

I did like some of the other characters but they still just weren’t quite there for me.  I was so focused on getting to know the characters the background was not as prominent as it usually is for me. It was lost on me.

Overall the story (while I didn’t get it the first few times) has promise. There was plenty of mystery that surrounded what ended up being a HEA for Ella and Sid.