Try It Tuesday: LotFancy Anti-Burst Fitness Stability Ball


LotFancy Anti-Burst Fitness Stability Ball Includes Foot Pump
Manufacturer: LotFancy
Weight / Size: 26 inch
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

Get Fit Using Only 1 Product!

With one of these LotFancy fitness balls, you’ll instantly have dozens and dozens of new exercises to choose from. Many of these exercises are for ordinary muscle toning and fitness, while others will work on your sense of balance, and still others give you healthful ways to stretch and limber up.

A LotFancy fitness ball makes a great addition to many standard body-weight exercises, and there are many other exercises that can only be done with a ball. Included with the ball is an easy-to-use foot pump to inflate the ball (the ball is shipped deflated) the stopper to the ball sits flush, so a small tool is included to help you pull it out.


Review:  With all the fitness devices on the market today, one of the key things I look for is durability. Having never tried a fitness ball before, I was a bit skeptical as to whether it would not only remain inflated, but perform according to my expectations.

image1The LotFancy fitness ball arrived with clear directions for inflating, complete with a foot pump. Although the foot pump is not the most sturdy of devices, it got the job done. More impressive, though, is the fact that the fitness ball has remained inflated after multiple uses. It has proven to be a sturdy and enjoyable item to add to my fitness routine.

I would encourage potential buyers to purchase the correct size based on the user’s height. The one I tested was the perfect size, allowing me to easily perform exercises without it being too small or too large. As a plus-size woman, I found the fitness ball to be made of sturdy material capable of supporting my weight.