Try It Tuesday: Large Screen Alarm Clock



Brief Style Digital LED Light Alarm Clock Crescendo Bell with Snooze Large HD Screen Display of Date/Time Smart Auto-Temperature Detection(°F/°C)Sensor Night Light
Manufacturer: Bon Venu
Size / Weight:  5.6 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches / 8 oz.
Source: product provided by the Manufacturer for review

  • Brief modern style electronic alarm clock. Display: Time(24-hour system/12-hour system), Date, Temperature Alarm Indicator, Snooze.
  • HD large and bold font bring the best visual sense , it is still clear even if there is a distance from you to it. Accurate time and temperature monitor ensure you will not late or cold.
  • When you press the button of the top, bright LED light will show you the shine in the dark. Also it has adjustable sensor light which will automatically keep the soft light in the dark and it will never ever bother your sleep.
  • Large full-width snooze button design for snooze. This clock will never upset you to find those small key-press to shut off alarm. Has gradually increased stronger bell to wake up you gently from a sweet dreamland.
  • Portable and easy to set. Power Supply: 3xAAA batteries. (not include)


Review:  I’ve had the same little alarm clock for about 10 years.  I’ve not had any problems with it other than it’s on the small side and as I get older, it’s harder to read… especially when I don’t have my glasses on.  So when I was asked to review this alarm clock, I took a chance.

Upon receiving it, I immediately went about setting it up.  It really wasn’t all that difficult.  Once it was set up, it was time to test it.  I played with the alarm and the snooze (which I seriously overuse on work mornings).  I turned the room lights on and off to check out the nightlight function.  And I moved the clock around to check out the built in thermometer.

So really my main need and function of this clock is the alarm.  I like that it has a 5 minute interval between alarms.  It also gets louder the more you snooze.  The one thing I didn’t like was that if you miss one snooze, meaning it rang for a minute and you didn’t do anything, the alarm shuts off.  I wish that shut off feature was a little longer.  I slept through the alarm one morning and ended up being late for work.  I’m pretty sure that if it had gone just a little longer, I would have been fine.

I am happy that all the buttons (other than the snooze, which is on top) are on the back of the clock.  This makes it harder to turn off the alarm completely or to change any of the settings accidentally.  It also makes for a more streamlined look.

The secondary functions on the clock are a night light feature, date index and temperature monitor.  When the room is dark, the clock lights up a little so that the time can easily be viewed.  It’s not enough to light a room, but it is enough to see right around the clock.  The date index is nice, but not necessary on most days.  Now if it told me the day of the week rather than the date… I don’t know about you, but when I’m first waking up, I want to know what day of the week it is, not the date.  And then there’s a temperature monitor.  While I like the idea of this one, I don’t feel it’s been terribly accurate.  I mean, it tells me that my room is generally between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, seeing as the heat is not on and I don’t have an air conditioner in my apartment and nights are dropping to the 40s, I just don’t see how that can be accurate when I’m using a blanket to warm up.  The only thing I can think of that may be throwing the sensor off is that the clock is sitting under a lamp.

When it’s all said and done, there are a couple minor issues, but they are things that I can live with and don’t really affect how happy I’ve been with the clock.  I’d happily recommend this clock.