Try It Tuesday: 5.6″Utra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad


15.6″Utra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad with 5 Quiet Fans LED Lights
Manufacturer: Havit
Size / Weight: 14.96in. x 10.24in. x 0.79in. / 1.5 lbs
Source: provided by the manufacturer for review

  • A large fans(120*120*20 mm)and four fans(75*75*10 mm), Five Fans at 1500 – 2000 RPM to effectively and equally cool every corner of your laptop
  • Rotatable switch can adjust the laptop cooler wind speed and turn on/turn off the cooling pad,no supported for turning off LED light.(Note: Adjustable wind speed switch control the LED Backlit brightness at the same time)
  • Eye-catching blue LED light to better know wind speed status of the fans
  • Conveniently powered by the USB port with no power adapter needed; the pad offers an additional USB port to connect your devices
  • Metal mesh provides a stable surface for you to work on the computer in comfort,fully compatible with laptops up to 15.6″


Review:  I’m constantly on my laptop when I’m home.  Whether it’s going through emails or working on the blog or playing games, my laptop gets a work out.  Since I don’t have a desk to use my laptop on, I heavily rely on cooling pads to keep my laptop from burning out and to keep my lap or ottoman from getting too hot.  When I was asked to review the Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad, I jumped at the chance since I’d just starting to look for a new one.


The cooling pad came well packaged in bubble wrap inside a box that was then cushioned inside the mailing box.  There was absolutely no damage and I was happy to see how much care was given to the cooling pad.  After extracting it from the packaging materials, I did a quick scan of the instruction manual and after learning nothing new, I set up the cooling pad.  Set up is pretty much plugging the the USB cord into both the cooling pad and the lap top and then turning spinning the speed dial to turn it on.

20160329_174639I played around with the little legs that can be used for a slight tilt if you’re using the laptop on a solid surface.  I wasn’t, so the legs kept collapsing on me.  But since I really didn’t need them, it wasn’t all that much of a concern for me.

I did like how thin and light the cooling pad was.  Part of the reason I use a laptop is for the weight and mobility.  Having a thin cooling pad does assist with the mobility issue

I enjoyed the look of the blue lights when it first turned on.  But with the laptop sitting on it, it’s not visible and after a month, it looks like the lights have already burned out.  In fact, a month after receiving the cooling pad, I appear to have already burnt out the whole pad.

A couple days ago I noticed that my laptop was feeling a little warm.  Since the cooling pad runs very quietly, I hadn’t noticed if it was running or not.  If lifted up the laptop and the pad wasn’t working.  I checked the settings and the cords and everything indicated it should be running.  I restarted my computer, checked the cords and everything and still nothing.  I tried different USB ports and even tried the cord from my old cooling pad.  Nothing worked.  The pad isn’t taking any sort of juice.  I used both the cords (from my old pad and this one) on my old cooling pad and that works… so it’s not the cord.  Something is wrong internally in the pad.

With the mesh top, the wires and such can be seen, but nothing appears to be disconnected.  I’m not sure if the fact that I had it running at least 4 hours a day during the week and longer on the weekends made any difference.  But a month of use shouldn’t have worn it out.

I did contact the manufacturer as there is a warranty.  The representative was helpful and very apologetic and I had a replacement cooler in hand in days.  A week later, the cooling pad is still running.

A small design flaw with the wobbly feet and then the original burnt out cooling pad make this a middle of the road product for me.  That said, kudos to customer service for fast and positive action