Review: Shunned No More by Christina McKnight

Shunned No More by Christina McKnight
Series:  A Lady Forsaken (# 1)
Release Date: May 20, 2014
Publisher: La Loma Elite Publishing
Pages: 346
Source: book provided by the author for review



A Lady Shunned by All…

Lady Viola Oberbrook only wanted to forget the ill-fated early morning duel that took the lives of two young, wealthy, promising men of the ton and sent her fleeing for her father’s country estate. Eight years later, she has her life in order: a fulfilling business, a few trusted friends, and no plans to return to London society. What she doesn’t expect is to come face to face with her past.

A Lord Betrayed by One…

Brock Spencer, Earl of Haversham, only wants vengeance. Recently returned from his military service to the King, his plans include repairing his family estate, finding a bride, and destroying the girl responsible for the untimely death of his twin brothers. What he doesn’t anticipate is falling in love with the only woman who should never be part of his future.

An Impossible Match, Destined to Be…


Review:  Shunned No More by Christina McKnight is exactly as the title states. A young woman from the ton wants nothing more than men to fight of over her…and that’s when disaster strikes. Her life as she knows it forever changes and the consequences of that one day have forever haunted her soul. Inside this intriguing historical novel, readers like myself are introduced to Lady Viola. One day, two brothers were fighting over her attention..but this heated debate didn’t involve hot cruel words or strong fists, but each using a pistol. A black shiny pistol each twin held and used to end the other’s life. Both men died instantly…and since that awful day, Lady Viola was labeled cruelly…thus shunning her from the very society she grew up within…what happens next is her fleeing London and creating a new life around horses. A business that did well for many years until a man she trusted had been undermining her with each day. Her business on collapse, her father hounding her to find a husband, and a man whom should hate her forever is completely enchanted. Enchanted by a woman that destroyed his family and caused the destruction so many years ago. Now, fate has brought them together and it’s up to them to figure out their feelings and shuffle through the past if they want a chance at a happily ever after.

Shunned No More is definitely a historical romance that has captured my attention from page one until the last page. I was moved by Lady Viola’s inner struggles to fit into society, her father’s good graces, and to be the woman she is. Her growth from being like most young girls who want the rich life and what he brings to being the adult beauty in the end…was amazing. This was not only a journey of traveling back in time when everything a man or woman did was weighed heavily in the eyes of society but also about what’s truly more important in life than just riches. Family, love, and friendship are strong themes inside this well-written piece. Shunned No More was the first novel, I have read by this talented writer, Christina McKnight, and I cannot wait to explore her other historical romances as well. The pace was fast and well-developed. The characters come from a variety of places and brings, to life, the scenes that follow. I fell in love instantly with Lady Viola and Lord Brock’s relationship. The moment their fates collided so did mine. I felt like I was sucked into the story and taken deep onto the very scenes where all the action was taking place. Overall, I highly recommend this masterpiece to readers everywhere.



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