Review: Rush by Shae Ross

Rush by Shae Ross
Release Date: May 9, 2016
Publisher: Entangled: Embrace
Pages: 240
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



College quarterback Preston Rush is living the dream. He’s leading his team to the National Championship and days away from earning a ‘first round draft pick’ label. When he meets Little Bo Peep at a Halloween party, he thinks he’s scored big. Instead, he wakes up in a jail cell with the corseted beauty. Because of him, she’s in trouble and when he discovers her true identity, he realizes, his nightmare is just beginning.

The always shooting-for-perfection Priscilla Winslow can’t believe her good deed has cost her a soccer career. Even though she knows it isn’t Preston’s fault, she can’t forgive him for the disaster that is her life. She just wishes her damn body would get the message. Every time she sees him, it’s all she can do not to kiss him.

When everything crashes down around him, Preston will have to decide if doing the right thing is worth losing it all.


Review:  If there is one thing missing from Rush, the new release from author Shae Ross, it is a warning label that readers will experience uncontrollable outbursts of laughter because these characters…are just…hilarious.

Aside from the fact that this is at its core a contemporary romance, the author has kicked the quality up considerably by introducing a cast of characters that are vibrant and unforgettable. Priscilla Winslow is a sassy, determined young woman who gets caught in the absolute worst situation possible simply by trying to be helpful.

Halloween costume parties provide a variety of opportunities for a storyline, but this one stood out from the moment Priscilla’s Little Bo Peep costume was described. The details are delivered with just the right amount of humor to temper the heavy dose of sarcasm that Priscilla seems to emit. When paired with football standout Preston Rush, the chemistry is evident. Sports fans will get a quick peek inside the athletic realms of soccer and football, once again with just enough detail to provide a well-developed storyline.

The deeper message behind the layers of humor, though, is the challenge of doing what is right even when it requires self sacrifice. The author touches on a variety of deep issues ranging from alcoholism and poverty, but does so in a meaningful way that enhances the story. This isn’t just a quick boy meets girl kind of romance.

Rush has all the ingredients a reader would expect in a contemporary romance, complete with some down and dirty action, but it’s got the added bonus of being a lot of fun to read.