Review: Room for Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Room for Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Release Date: February 16, 2016
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Pages: 352
Source: book provided by the author for review



In the Days of the Great Depression Neva Shilling runs the Shilling Mercantile and takes care of twins while her husband Warren travels for months at a time to neighboring communities to sell items from his wagon. She is in complete shock when a deputy arrives one evening with three of her now dead husband’s children. It was more than selling he was doing on all these trip, he had a secret family. So angry at Warren, she wants to forget he ever existed, but how could she let these children go to an orphanage? How can she learn to love them the way that God does when all she see’s when she looks at them is her husband’s betrayal.


Review: Kim Vogel Sawyer says on her website that her stories “Come from my heart to yours; offer hope and encouragement; and entertain and uplift you while glorifying GOD!” I have read four of her novels to date and I can say that sums up her writing perfectly.

When an out of town deputy arrived at Neva Schilling’s house, she discovered more than just two nieces and a nephew that were to be placed in her care. This story began with Neva also finding out devastating news. Even though she was a devoted Christian, she had to work through her pain to move on. It was interesting to see the story being told from more than one viewpoint. It helped to get a picture of what was going on from all angles and to understand the characters better. I think the romance in this story is surprising as it draws to a close, not what I expected. More than one unexpected love grows in this story of forgiveness of one’s self and others.

Room for Hope is set in the era of the Great Depression. I think this fact made it an interesting read. It is filled with period details that really bring the story to life. I would hope that my reaction to a situation like Neva’s would be as gracious as hers. Even though this book is fictional I feel it shows that God can help us through anything, if you leave room in your heart for Him. I always enjoy historical fiction and this is no exception. I would recommend checking out this book!

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