Review: Phantom Riders MC: Hawk by Tory Richards

Phantom Riders MC: Hawk by Tory Richards
Series: Phantom Riders MC
Release Date: March 15, 2016
Publisher:  self published
Pages:  326
Source: book provided by the author for review



Ultimate betrayal leaves Hawk, the president of an outlaw motorcycle club, distrustful and hating women. He only wants them for one thing now, and once he’s satisfied his animal urges, he casts them aside without a second thought. But then Audra shows up, threatening his club and his way of life, and Hawk has to decide to turn the sexy, pint-sized package of trouble loose, or claim her for his own.


Review: Hawk started off with a bang. Our sassy female lead, Audra is running from her ex. The powerful man with a dark side wants her dead. Leaving everything she knew behind, she winds up on the road with the Phantom Riders’ MC President, Hawk. A man betrayed, Hawk trusts few, and uses women for relief only. Foreplay, kindness, and empathy aren’t on his agenda; something Aura learns immediately. Despite the clash of personalities the passion that burns between them quickly boils over into earth-shattering sex.

The back and forth continues, and that’s where the book lost me. I personally had a hard time believing sex, and arguing with a violent, cold man would be on my agenda if I were running for my life. Hawk didn’t appear very redeemable either. He had no give or softness, at least not soon enough for it to keep me from souring on him. It felt too much like an abusive relationship. Especially since he had all the power, being the one to keep her safe.

I found the way their lives linked very unbelievable and longed for a true connection between them would allow some investment in the relationship unfolding.

I have a low tolerance for Alphas, who don’t show their softer side, so this story was a miss for me. With its face paced plot, sassy female lead, and it’s gritty world it may be a home run for another reader.


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  1. Hi Shyla, thanks for taking the time to read Phantom Riders MC and leaving your comments. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this story. It was a really hard one for me to write and Hawk especially was difficult because of the type of man he’d become. Like you I love reading where the alpha hard-ass has a softer side toward the heroine, unfortunately Hawk had an extremely hard time overcoming his past issues.

    I hope that you’ll give some of my other books a try in the future. Take care!


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