Review: Honolulu Hottie by Terry Ambrose

Honolulu Hottie by Terry Ambrose
Series: Trouble in Paradise (# 4)
Release Date: May 17, 2016
Publisher: self published
Pages: 134
Source: Book provided by the author for review



Apartment manager Wilson McKenna’s day tanks when the cops accuse an old friend of killing a ruthless Honolulu scammer. McKenna hates to break the “no more amateur sleuthing” promise he made to his new girlfriend, but his buddy is desperate. He’s got no alibi. Made threats against the dead man. And, his gun was the murder weapon. Talk about a guy with big trouble.

McKenna turns to his private-investigator tenant, Chance Logan, for help. Too late, McKenna discovers Chance isn’t really a PI. Now, McKenna’s stuck with an investigation he doesn’t want, is mentoring a PI-wannabe, and hiding it all from his girlfriend.

A string of shattered lives—and suspects—lie in the dead man’s wake. Can McKenna and Chance find a cagey killer who’s always one step ahead? Or, will a dead con man ruin another life?


Review: I had the pleasure of reading a pre-release of Honolulu Hottie, the third in the McKenna mystery series, about a year and a half ago. Due to publishing complications (I didn’t ask!), the book is just now being released – and I am so happy!

While The Mystery of the Lei Palaoa has since been released, this is the book to actually introduce Chance, the Magnum PI wannabe. Chance is fun. He has dreams of being the big shot private detective and comes to Hawaii to live the Magnum dream. He drives a red Ferrari and wears Aloha shirts. But Chance is a bit too trusting and maybe a little naive so McKenna takes him under his wing. What makes Chance endearing is that he has heart and wants to help those who need help.

While I love the main character, McKenna, I have to say my favorite character would be great-grandfather Kimu. Hawaiians have an unshakable faith in their ancestors and I’ve heard many stories of the deceased coming to people in dreams. I love that Kimu’s dreams are cryptic and not so clear cut as one would hope, yet McKenna always figures them out. Eventually.

I believe Ambrose truly enjoys his characters because it comes through in the writing. I am so glad I found Ambrose and the McKenna series.