Review: Her One True Love by Rachel Brimble

Her One True Love by Rachel Brimble
Release Date: March 15, 2016
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Pages: 234
Source: book provided by the author for review



She Can’t Forget Him…

Jane Charlotte Danes has loved the squire of her idyllic country town for as long as she can remember. He is good, kind, and alluring beyond words… and he chose to marry another. Tired of dwelling on her futile longings, Jane plans a move to Bath, where she dreams of a new beginning. But the man who has so imprisoned her heart is only a few steps behind…

He Can’t Let Her Go…

Until now, Matthew Cleaves has endeavored to meet the responsibilities of his position with dignity and good spirits–including his dutiful marriage. But when his wife leaves him for another man, Matthew is at last free to pursue his one true love. Only one vital question remains: will the captivating, stubborn, beautiful Jane allow him the challenge, and the pleasure, of winning her back?


Review: Brimble’s Her One True Love is a historical romance set in England in the late 1800’s.  It’s also a continuation of the story told in her book, What a Woman Desires, even though it’s not listed as a series.  It was nice to be reunited with sisters, Monica and Jane,  Monica’s friends from the theater as well as Matthew, Thomas, Jeannie and others.

Monica gave up the stage and is happily married to Thomas.  They live in her family home that passed to her upon the deaths of her and Jane’s parents.  Jane has an unrequited love that she needs to get away from and thus leave home and the village they live in.  She decides to move to Bath along with her maid, Jeannie, who is now to be her companion.  Jane wants to work with children and give some meaning to her life but also wants Jeannie to experience new things.  When Matthew, the squire of the village who is married but living apart from his wife, hears she plans to leave he decides to make a business trip to Bath to get business for his village and the people that work there.  Matthew decides that Jane and Jeannie should travel with him to be safe and it will give him more time to spend with Jane.  He is torn between his duty towards his village and his love for Jane who no longer wants to live there.

There is chemistry between Jane and Matthew but each thinks it’s friendship for the other.  Little do they know how much they care for each other since both are oblivious.  Everyone around them though can see the sparks and longing.  There are some tender moments and then one or the other takes one or two steps back.  They are right for each other but unfortunately neither are mind readers and Jane and Matthew always seem to doubt the others feelings and don’t communicate well at all.  Throw in that Matthew is still married even though his wife left him and their actions could tarnish Jane’s reputation.

There are family and friends, a village to care for, boarding houses with children to love and be reunited with their parents, sadness, tears, anger, hurt, meetings, reminisces, laughter, happiness, loving and love.  Jeannie is very aware of people’s feelings and the needs of others.  There are vivid descriptions throughout that made me feel that I was there.

The epilogue tied up most of the loose ends and gave nice closure along with the happily ever after I was hoping for.  There could be more stories to tell since Jeannie was an integral part of this book as a companion to Jane in Bath but her story isn’t fully told and I’d love to know how her life turned out.

Brimble is a fairly new to me author.  I hope to read many more of her books and need to go back and read the Templeton Cove series since I’ve only read the fifth book in the series, Her Hometown Redemption.  I hope we meet up with the people of Biddlestone, England once again!

Favorite Quote: His gaze bore into hers and her entire body responded.  No matter her resolve to focus on finding work, she couldn’t fight the strange, yet pleasant tingle that spread from her head to her toes.  Matthew was her one.  The one romance novels spoke of – the one who was the other half of her.