Try It Tuesday: No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer


No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer
Manufacturer: MeasuPro
Size: 6.2 x 1.9 x 1.6 inches
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

The non-contact thermometer has a fast, simple step operation. It’s especially useful for infants or children making it easy to determine their fever state in any position.
Get an accurate temperature reading and leave the germs out. Keep the device clean and sterile without dealing with probe covers. No germ-spreading worries.
FDA Approved
The non-contact thermometer is fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is completely safe to use on the forehead or on any object.


Review: I LOVE this thermometer! As a mom of 2, I’ve had to take my fair share of temperatures. My children hate having their temps taken. The No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer saved us from all the stress that comes with fighting a sick child to take their temp.

My kids love this thermometer too. Since I’ve gotten it, no one has had a fever but we have played with it quite a bit. My kids like that I don’t have to touch them with it. You just shine the red light on their forehead and hit the start button. Within a few seconds, the screen shows their temp. It also shows a green light behind the temp if it is normal and a red light if it is a fever. I love how quickly the temp shows. It is super easy to use.

My favorite thing about this thermometer is that no touching is required. Germs spread like wild fire in our house as it is. With the No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer, you can take temps from different people without fear of spreading sickness. I was worried about the accuracy. So to test that I used a regular oral thermometer from Walmart to take my temp first, then used the No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer. They both showed the same reading.

I would highly recommend the No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer to anyone with young children or children that hate other thermometers. I am actually buying 2 more of these to use as baby shower gifts. I love, love, love it!