Try It Tuesday: 7- piece Tweezer Set by Pixnor


PIXNOR 7- piece Tweezer Set
Manufacturer: PIXNOR
Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

This set of professional-quality tweezers will give you the tools you need for all sorts of high-precision work. The anti-static ESD coating prevents damage to electronic components, while the non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant properties of their stainless steel construction makes them perfect for hundreds of other hobbies and professions.

1 pc. ESD-10 fine tip, straight (110mm)
1 pc. ESD-11: fine tip, straight (140mm)
1 pc. ESD-12: fine tip, straight (135mm)
1 pc. ESD-13: rounded spade tip, straight (115mm)
1 pc. ESD-14: super fine tip, straight (110mm)
1 pc. ESD-15: fine tip, angled (120mm)
1 pc. ESD-16: heavy-weight pointed tip (130mm)


Review: I use tweezers for many of my crafting projects. Most of the tweezers in this set have VERY sharp tips. I’ve actually pricked myself with a pair and drew blood. I wouldn’t recommend them for plucking eyebrows. Actually, I wouldn’t have these things anywhere near my face. These specific tweezers are meant to be used for electronics, jewelry-making, laboratory work, and any other kind of hobby.

The PIXNOR 7- piece Tweezer Set is not a cheap set of tweezers. They are heavy duty and hold up extremely well. I specifically used these for vinyl. In the craft world we call this “weeding”. In this process, we remove small, sometimes extremely small, extra pieces of sticky vinyl from our projects. I also used them for jewelry making. They are awesome for picking up tiny rhinestones and other materials.

The PIXNOR 7- piece Tweezer Set would also be really nice to have for removing splinters. I really like these tweezers and will be ordering another set very soon. Not that they break, I just lose them very quickly.