Review: The Beauty of Love by Dorothy Wiley

The Beauty of Love by Dorothy Wiley
Series: American Wilderness (# 6)
Release Date:  April 26, 2016
Publisher: self published
Pages: 322
Source: book provided by the author for review



Brought together after tragedy, Edward Wyllie and Dora Tudor find the true beauty of love in this poignant and thrilling historical romance set in 1800 Boston and New Hampshire. In an unlikely place for new beginnings, a cemetery, Edward and Dora meet for the first time. But in that forlorn place, the beauty of love blossoms. Edward is still struggling with guilt over the death of his family more than a year ago—a guilt so great he’s unable to even look at his childrens’ gravestones. As their friendship grows, Dora forces Edward to confront the truth—their deaths were not his fault. And Edward gives Dora, a young Boston widow, a chance to seize love and learn the meaning of passion.

But first, they must put their whirlwind courtship on hold as Edward and Dora become embroiled in a shocking family crisis. Edward’s brother Captain Sam Wyllie and his wife Catherine, a friend of Dora’s since childhood, have come from their home in Kentucky to Boston to confront Catherine’s wealthy father Remington Forbes. When Sam and Catherine arrive, both of Catherine’s upper-crust parents reject her rugged frontier husband Sam and, heartlessly, their beautiful infant grandson Rory. A powerful businessman, obsessed with wealth, Forbes is desperate to gain control of Sam’s property, Wyllie Mountain in New Hampshire. The mountain’s abundant and newly discovered gold offers Forbes a chance to escape his insurmountable financial debt. Forbes will stop at nothing and is willing to have Sam murdered to get the gold. By killing Sam, he’ll also regain control of the fortune his daughter inherited from her grandfather.

Dora resolves to try to help Catherine. She challenges Mr. and Mrs. Forbes to measure themselves not by their wealth and social status, but by how much love they are willing to give others. As hostilities mount, Edward is determined to keep Sam safe from Forbes and his unscrupulous men. But danger awaits on Wyllie Mountain and events quickly spin out of Edward’s control. What do you do when the enemy is a family member who will do anything to get what he wants?


Review:  Once again, Dorothy Wiley has blown me away with the continuation of her well written American Wilderness series.  Book six in the series did not disappoint and I read it in less than one day since it was hard to put down because I always wanted to see what would happen next.  I was swept up in the story immediately as if no time had passed since I had read the fifth book in the series, Frontier Gift of Love, in early November.

The Beauty of Love takes us back to where the series began – in New Hampshire.  A lot of the story takes place in Boston where Edward does business and Dora and her father live as well as Catherine’s cold parents.  Edward wanted to stay in New Hampshire when his brothers decided to leave and settle further west since he had a business to run and wanted to ensure his family’s safety by not traveling through the American Wilderness.  His four brothers had decided they needed a change in their lives and wanted to settle in Kentucky .  Edward was mentioned throughout the previous books but this time it is his story.  The prologue sets the stage for the story as Edward is visiting the cemetery with so much grief and agony in him.  His happenstance meeting with Dora, a widow, gives us a great story and as we’re reunited with Sam and Catherine as well as their new baby since they decided to come east to visit her parents and his mountain it is a strong family story especially when the other family members in Kentucky are mentioned throughout.

Dora and Edward have an immediate attraction that they both thought was inappropriate due to their having lost their spouses.  As they get to know each other better they feel it was meant for them to meet since they balance each other and are a great support system for the other.  The descriptions of the lands, the mountains, the town, Boston, the wharves, their travels and the homes made me feel that I was there.  There were family and friends, business associates, tears, fear, anger, arguments, ultimatums, danger, shootings, reminisces, business dealings, lots of love and romance.  The epilogue gave a nice conclusion and tied up some of the loose ends but pointed us in the direction for the next book in the series.  I, for one, cannot wait!

Wiley has fast become one of my favorite authors.  Each of the six books in the series has received a five star rating from me.  It doesn’t hurt that the settling of the new frontier is one of my favorite periods in history but it also has heart, depth to the story line and the characters and family at its core!

Favorite Quote:  To stop herself from staring with longing at him, she studied the candle on their table.  Soft rays of light spread out from the halo.  Edward had illuminated her life in much the same way as the candle lit their table.  Soft rays of what she was sure was love spread out from his heart, lighting up her life as never before.