Review: On a White Horse by Monica Corwin

On a White Horse by Monica Corwin
Series: Revelations (# 2)
Release Date: April 11, 2016
Publisher:  Pronoun
Pages: 140
Source: Book provided by the author for review



Victor Brandt has a secret. As a new resident to New York, he goes out in search of diversion, and he finds it behind a red door. The Underworld embraces him, and soon he realizes he’s going back night after night just to see Mistress Lethe: a Dominatrix so demanding she will satisfy her submissive into forgetting their own name before stealing her pleasure. But soon Mistress Lethe draws Victor into her world, and he realizes it’s a lot larger than he thought.

Bianca’s coffee business is booming, but her love life is lacking. With each step her friends—the other three horsemen of the apocalypse—take toward happiness, she holds herself back. As visions of the future threaten everything the horsemen have built, Bianca finds a man who sees all of her: the light and the dark, and for a little while she becomes Mistress Lethe, a simple woman and the embodiment of Conquest. But fate plays cruel jokes, and after only a short time with Victor she is confronted with a decision that can save the world but cost her the first man that’s ever made her want to be human.

When a mysterious stranger arrives bearing ill omens, Bianca wonders if she can keep together her motley crew in order to save the world. Or will the threesome’s tangled emotions usher in the apocalypse? Come and see.


Review:  Welcome to a world where there’s much more than meets the eye. In this sci-fi erotic thriller, author Monica Corwin takes readers into the second book of the Revelations series.

The biggest drawback of On a White Horse is that it didn’t appear to be a standalone story. With some books, a reader can jump right in out of sequence without any problems. Part of the challenge is the subject matter and the complexity of the paranormal elements. Mythology is a challenging concept by itself. The author did a fantastic job creating an interesting world, but the volume of characters threw me off kilter. Without the first story to provide a solid foundation, it took me a lot longer to understand what has happened. The basic gist of the story is that Bianca is not fully human, yet she is drawn to a human during play at a BDSM club. The deeper their relationship, the more dangerous it becomes for Victor. Add Gwyn to the mix and there is more than enough passion to go around.

While the relationships are developing, readers also get a taste of drama and intrigue as the world of fantasy and reality collide. Toss in a supernatural battle and things get complicated very quickly. The heat level provided a good balance for everything else happening in the storyline, including plenty of Domme action.

Veteran readers of this genre will find this to be an exceptionally written story, but since I rarely venture down the sci fi trail, it didn’t work as well for me. My recommendation would be to start the series at the beginning to fully appreciate the second book.