Playlist: The Vixen

Sex With Cocktails: Confessions of a Frisky Fashion Writer Playlist

Before we get to the playlist, here’s the blurb from the book:

A girls’ night out during New York Fashion Week takes an unexpected turn when a dashing gentleman enters the scene.

Every girl dreams of being in fashion, and Virginia George is no different. As the twenty-six-year-old professional works her way up through the ranks of the industry to become a fashion writer, she realizes there’s a lot more to this world than just beautiful clothes. When she’s not writing about glossy designer names, she is the voice behind the provocative sex blog, Sex with Cocktails, under the alias V.

During a chic Fashion Week party, she meets the dapper Jonathan Carter, the owner of a well-known menswear store and a fashion celebrity. Then, just when she thinks life can’t throw anything else her way, an interesting job opportunity comes up as a full-time staff writer at the prestigious Haute magazine. As Virginia sees the possibility for a promising career in fashion, she also begins to consider the probability of interesting developments for her and the dashing Mr. Carter.

This playlist is compromised of eight essential songs that not only inspired a lot of key scenes in Confessions but also embodies the feeling of the book and the characters. If Virginia had a playlist that describes her list, it would be these songs. I was inspired a lot by artists I love and if you read the opening, you know that involves a lot of Beyonce mixed with other sounds.


Enjoy a short excerpt while you’re listening:

“It was a cool, brisk night on top of the Empire Hotel overlooking Lincoln Center, bathed in soft lighting with tourists and fashion enthusiasts taking photos of all the trendsetting fashion walking past them. It was a private event celebrating my dear friend and popular fashion blogger Alexandra Vega, debuting her capsule collection with Zara for the fall season. We’d met doing some early intern work together in college, and it has been a humbling experience to see how far we’ve both come from those trying times. Back then, we were two girls dreaming of the day we would be able to have these designer threads we’d slaved over day after day. The fashion crowd had descended on the luxurious rooftop for an evening of fabulous entertainment. The open bar had everyone feeling good, and I had my eye on two ensembles I already planned on adding to my closet. I was so damn proud of that girl and, man, did she know how to throw a party.

“Virginia, you made it!” shouted the curly-haired, bubbly blonde happily walking toward me as we came together for a strong hug. She had been traveling, doing work for some international publications, and I hadn’t been able to see her in months. The only thing that was more glamorous than her newfound sense of couture meets ready-to-wear was the dress she was wearing from her new collection, matched with the perfect set of patent leather pumps.

“Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world! The clothes look amazing!”

“Thanks, girl!”

“I brought friends with me.” I moved over for Sandra and Ashley to greet our friend.
Alex was that white woman that loved to party with black people, and we all loved her for it.

She was always the life of any gathering. I can’t tell you about all the times she and Jen got drunk and went nuts.

“Aw, I’m so happy you guys could make it!”

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss this. Your event is packed,” said Sandra. She was wearing a turquoise crop top, white blazer and pencil skirt that outlined her shapely form, with her hair combed to perfection, and she was holding a cocktail in her hand, ready to start the night.”

“I already saw a couple of pieces I want for my collection,” said Ashley in a nude dress with pumps.

“Just let me know which ones you want and I’ll get them for you, guys,” said Alex.

“Virginia, you’re looking pretty sexy this evening. I don’t think this is all for me.”

“I may have tried something different.” And that I had. I hadn’t worn something this tight probably since I’d graduated but that didn’t mean I wasn’t feeling myself a little bit.
Sandra had blessed me from her stylish wardrobe and given me a simple yet form-fitting red dress with the perfect gold clutch to match. My hair was flat-ironed to perfection with a silky finish. Ashley had breathed life into my newly shaped eyebrows with flawless makeup. I had even snapped an Instagram to savor the moment. …”


734978_10153291152501441_1847775683633794076_nThe Vixen is the seductive and sophisticated voice behind the provocative pleasure store My Little Vixen based in New York City. Her work in fashion and experience living in a big city is a great influence to her work. She still lives in NYC and travels as much as she can while writing about her adventures and creating beautiful stories along the way. You can take a look at The Vixen’s website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.