Try It Tuesday: Yosh Ring Grip


Universal Ring Grip
Manufacturer: Yosh
Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

Premium material – polycarbonate plate, adhesive gel pad and metal ring with luxurious colors.
Easily use – rotates 360 degrees and fits any flat surfaces, including mobile phones, iPad and tablets.
Protection – prevents users’ phone from dropping while they are operating their phone and taking photos.
Hook Mount – enables users to mount their devices on flat surface, such as cars, tables, cupboards and so on.
Reuse – No sticky residue will leave after detaching. Users can reuse it by washing adhesive gel pad with clean water and air dry.


Review: I have been wanting one of these ring grips since a relative of mine showed me hers. At first, I though “What is the point?”, but it really is cute. I got the chance to review it and realized that it’s not only cute but it is actually really useful.

The Yosh Ring Grip works with any phone. I was worried that it wouldn’t work with the case I had on my phone because the back wasn’t smooth. However, it stuck really well. I used the ring grip for a few weeks while praying every day that it wouldn’t lose the adhesive and fall off while I was using it. It never happened. About a week ago, I got a new phone case. I was sad that the Yosh Ring Grip only came with one adhesive strip because I wasn’t sure if I could reuse the adhesive backing. I tried it anyway and it has held up very well over the last week. It isn’t showing any sign of wear and the adhesive isn’t breaking down at all.

This is a very well made product. It is very durable and easy to apply. The ring hole isn’t too small. I can even fit my thumb in it. I use it while I’m carrying in the groceries when my hands are full. It is also useful when I am wearing an outfit that doesn’t have pockets. The Yosh Ring Grip also comes with a hook that can be attached to the dash of a vehicle or hang on the side of a desk. I personally use mine in my truck. I also use the ring grip as a prop. I fold it out a little more than halfway while I’m working at the computer so I can see the screen instead of picking my phone up every time it buzzes.

I love the Yosh Ring Grip. It’s cute, stylish, and useful. If I ever need another one, I will choose this company.