Try It Tuesday: Smart Weight Body Composition Analyzer Digital Bathroom Scale


Digital Bathroom Scale (Body Composition Analyzer)
Manufacturer: Smart Weigh
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Smart Technology – Body composition monitor utilizes BIA technology to provide accurate readings of body weight, BMI, body fat, water, muscle and bone mass. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and those just trying to be healthy
  • High Precision – Four advanced sensors give extremely accurate readings, while auto calibration system ensures consistent, faultless readings each time
  • Modern Design – Digital scale has a sleek, durable tempered glass base with designed platform. Scale has a capacity of 440 pounds / 200 kilograms. The large blue backlit LCD display shows readings with large visible numbers. Measurements can be read in three weighing modes: lb, kg and st;lb
  • Convenience – Made with advanced step-on technology, this bathroom scale gives weight readings immediately with no tapping necessary. Body scale also includes automatic shut off to conserve energy and unit button to switch between weighing modes
  • Features – Scale comes equipped with low battery indicator and includes 4 x AAA batteries and two year warranty


Review: This is the only bathroom scale you will ever need. Seriously, the Smart Weigh Body Composition Analyzer Digital Bathroom Scale is by far the best scale I have ever seen.

It is very sleek and modern looking. I’m really glad the scale came with great instructions because I would never be able to figure it out without them. When you first turn on the scale, you must register yourself as a user. You enter your height, age, gender, and activity level. Then you weigh yourself. It can program up to 8 users. After your first weigh-in, if you lost weight, the screen will light up green when showing your weight. If you gain weight, it will light up red when showing your weight. I really like this feature because it makes it easier to keep track of weight loss. After you weight yourself, the display will run through your body analysis: BMI, body fat, water, muscle and bone mass. My husband and I can both keep track of our weight loss while keeping our results private. This isn’t a huge concern since he is my husband, but if I were sharing the scale with a friend it would definitely be useful.

I wasn’t sure how accurate these measurements were, so I decided to ask my doctor about my BMI and body fat percentage since these were my two main concerns besides weight. The scale was very accurate compared to my doctor’s results.

I really like the Smart Weigh Body Composition Analyzer Digital Bathroom Scale. It is accurate, durable, and it looks really nice. I have already told several people about this product and at least 2 people will be purchasing one if they haven’t already. I don’t think you can beat the price of this scale.