Try It Tuesday: Morpilot Portable USB Mini Humidifier


Portable USB Mini Humidifier
Manufacturer: Morpilot
Weight/Size: 1.7 x 1.7 x 5.9 inches; 1.8 ounces
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Mini Portable Humidifier – Ideal for Office, Rooms, Traveling, Car – Small enough to take it with you wherever you go, available in four colors: red, blue, white and green.
  • Good for Healthy – Microporous Atomization, added moisture in the air can soothe dry skin – also your face, hands and lips – Alleviate Allergies and Dryness, Relieves Cold & Flu Symptoms
    Convenient USB Charging – Plugs into any USB power source including PC & Portable Phone Chargers & Power Banks – Power Supply Voltage DC5V – Safe
  • New Design – Comes with water container that keeps water clean from dust and lint – Also fits for glass and bottles when travelling
  • Available for the water supply in a cup or a bottle & anywhere USB power ports. Use as USB humidifier, mister, or even moisturizer. Use anytime, anywhere: while sleeping, in hotels, in the nursery, while travelling on flights, on cars, or on trains, at work in the cubicle or the home office. Use anywhere suitable at-home or on-the-go


Review: I was so excited about getting the Morpilot Portable USB Mini Humidifier. I get sinus infections fairly often and nosebleeds when the air is too dry. When I got the chance to review this product, it seemed perfect for me.

I quickly found out that this product may not have been thought through all the way. It is very small, only about 6 inches tall. So, obviously it can go just about anywhere. The instructions said it can be used with the small tube that came with it, a bottle of water, or a regular cup of water. The top is a big, heavy circle that apparently contains the motor. The motor sucks the water from the container and creates a mist that puts moisture into the air.

Pretty great right? Not exactly. The Morpilot Portable USB Mini Humidifier is so top-heavy that it has fallen over almost every single time I have attempted to test it. Luckily, the container provided with the mini humidifier doesn’t hold much water so the first couple of times it didn’t make a huge mess.

However, I thought maybe it would work better with a full cup of water, you know to counter balance the weight from the product. Not a bright idea. An even bigger mess was made when I sat at my desk to do my schoolwork because the slight shaking from me erasing a math mistake knocked it over again. With these results, I decided not to test it in a bottle of water for fear of another disaster. I can knock over a water bottle without the help of a top-heavy device sticking out of it.

I must say that the Morpilot Portable USB Mini Humidifier works, but it severely needs some design upgrades. I’d also like to mention that the power cord provided by the company is rather short. I’m a little worried about the safety of this product. With its record of knocking over water, I wouldn’t imagine it is safe to keep it close to the power outlet or computer that is powering it.

I’m very disappointed in this product. I couldn’t recommend the Morpilot Portable USB Mini Humidifier to anyone because of the negative experience I had.