Try It Tuesday: Dailyart White Table Lamp with Vine Shaped Cutout


Dailyart White Table Lamp with Vine Shaped Cutout
Manufacturer: Dailyart
Size / Weight: 13.78 inches / 13.4 ounces
Source: provided by the manufacturer for review

Height: 13.8 inches, Side Length: 3.9inches; AC powered with 8.2 feet long cord, the on/off rocker switch is in the middle of the cord.

The accent light is not bright enough to read by with the bonus 25W incandescent bulb. But the incandescent bulb is replaceable. LED bulbs, CFL bulbs and incandescent bulbs are all available.

The applicable max wattage is 40W. And the diameter of the bulb should be less than 3 inches.
This lamp uses standard E26 screw cap, easy to buy, easy to install. The lamp will come with an incandescent bulb, the gift is only for test use, it doesn’t have the guaranty service.

We select the high-quality WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) board to carve, safe and light (The carving design causes it light in weight.). You don’t need to worry about the formaldehyde and other hazards. WPC material is fireproof and waterproof, no cracks, no swelling, no deformation, also easy to clean. Unique carving, exquisite hollow carved patterns, extraordinary stylish and charming.

Unique Anti-tripping power cord design, safe and practical. The lamp base is connected by the four screws, simple operation, it’s so convenient to replace the bulb.


Review: I’ll be honest. I’m not entirely sure why I picked up the Dailyart White Table Lamp with Vine Shaped Cutout for review. It doesn’t match my decor in style or color. But it was cute and I can always use a side table lamp.

The lamp was securely boxed within its shipping packaging to prevent any damage. After removing the lamp from its packaging, I took stock of what had arrived. The lamp came with a light bulb and a small screwdriver to allow you to get inside the lamp.

The lamp itself if quite light as the material is not wood but some sort of composite. The lamp shade, for lack of a better term, is a light plastic that isn’t quite clear but has a shimmer, glittery quality to it. The cord is a decent length with an easy flip switch for turning the lamp on and off. To access the lightbulb, the bottom screws off.

The lightbulb that came with the lamp is a pretty low wattage and is enough to light a room, but not really usable if you’re going to read or do any sort of work. Per the directions, it sounds like a slightly stronger bulb can be used, I just haven’t tried it yet. As it is, the light illuminating through the scroll work is pretty and still brightens up a room.

My minor complaints. The color. I don’t decorate in white, so I wish it came in another color. With the way it’s designed, I don’t think it could be easily painted to better match my decor. The other small detail that kept this from a 5 star review is the quality of the scroll work. It could have really used a good sanding to smooth down some of the edges that were a little rough and ragged. But that was really only noticeable when running your hands around the scroll work or taking a really close look.

Overall, I’m happy with my Dailyart White Table Lamp with Vine Shaped Cutout. I think it’s a little overpriced at the sale price of $33.90, but all in all a decent lamp.