Try It Tuesday: Blusmart Headed Eye Mask


Blusmart Headed Eye Mask
Manufacturer: Blusmart®
Size: 23 cm wide x 10 cm high (at highest point)
Weight: 20 grams
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • 100 % Durable, made from a high quality, soft and comfortable materials. Enjoy resting and sleeping during break time, in the car, on the plane while waiting to arrive.
  • Super lightweight and thin, easy to carry anywhere, anytime with you in your bag or inside your pocket.
  • Be comfortable, using this eye mask will only provide a complete darkness on your vision which you can feel the sensation of the night, leading you to fall asleep completely and make you relax.
  • Easy to use, hassle free lock Velcro strap lock, stretchable super fine texture. Your eyes can blink freely even you are using this eye mask. Have a good night and sweet dreams.
  • Fast and friendly customer service, Quality checked approved. With 1 year warranty.


Review: I wanted to try this mask for two reasons – migraines and sex.

First off, I get migraines and during the worse ones even the slightest sliver light can feel like a an arrow piercing my eyes. I’ve tried other eye masks but most don’t filter out enough light. This one does a great job at blocking the light. There is one area around my nose that doesn’t quite make it but I’ve found if I pull the straps tighter it fits better.

Second, my boyfriend and I enjoy using toys during sex (as evidenced by my previous reviews) and while I’ve used the satiny-type sleep mask, I’ve never used one that blocked out the light completely. I found it was a bit exciting to not know which direction the next touch was coming from or where on my body it would land. This is a great mask if you want to give something like this a try.

Because the mask is molded, there might be an issue with individual face shapes and formations (as I had around my nose), but with a little play I think you would be able to make it work. The material is soft and pliant and doesn’t push down on my eyes. This was important to me as I don’t like to feel my eyelashes push up against the mask. Overall, this is a good mask. I’m thinking I’ll take it on my next airplane trip.