Try It Tuesday: Best Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion and Tanner by Thermalabs


Best Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion and Tanner
Manufacturer: Thermalabs
Size: 8.5oz
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review


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Review: I haven’t tried a self-tanning lotion in a really long time because I had a very embarrassing experience with it. The first time I tried a self-tanning lotion, I had dark orange streaks all over my face that could not be washed off. Therefore, I was very nervous about trying Best Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion and Tanner by Thermalabs.

I must say how pleased I am that this lotion didn’t leave me in streaks. I actually thought it wasn’t working because I didn’t see a change in my skin tone right away. It works gradually so you can go darker within a few days but not a huge difference with each application. I think this actually prevents the streaks. I was also really worried about the smell. Strong fragrances trigger my migraine headaches so I was scared it wouldn’t work for me. I found Best Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion and Tanner’s smell pleasant. It smells like the beach but it isn’t too powerful. I actually don’t wear perfume when I use the lotion because it has such a great smell.

The lotion absorbs very quickly and evenly. Unlike most other tanning lotions, this lotion doesn’t dye your hands extremely dark. It spreads very easily so you get an even, gradual tan. I would definitely recommend Best Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion and Tanner. It is by far the best tanning lotion that I’ve ever tried.




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  1. Thanks for posting. I always like seeing tanning lotions that work more gradually if only to avoid the very sudden change from being pale to being considerably darker. Having a tanning lotion that lets me ease into the tan makes me feel much better about using it. Plus, not walking around with streaks on my skin is a big plus.

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