Review: The Bookshop by R.A. Padmos

The Bookshop by R.A. Padmos
Release Date:  February 9, 2016
Publisher: Total Bound Publishing
Pages: 124
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Even I, who had resisted kicking and screaming, had to admit defeat. Why would love be impressed by the protests of a simple bookseller?

Jakoba has had enough. It is 1999 and she looks back on her life that began at the start of the century. Her arrival was unexpected, but joyfully welcomed, by her middle-aged parents. In a time where a middle-class girls has one destiny, namely to become a wife and mother, Jakoba is allowed to start working at a bookshop. Books become one of the loves of her life. Later she will inherit the shop.

She values friendship, but romance has no meaning for her. She values her independence too much and knows all too well what price women pay for being married.

It is German army photographer Armin who will change the course of her life. Jakoba is forty when she meets him. Armin is almost thirty, and Germany has occupied Holland. It does not matter. For him, she’s the one, and despite her hesitation both because of the war and because she can’t understand what this handsome man sees in her—a plain woman—she has to admit her feelings for him.

Such love has consequences for both of them that will reach far beyond the war and in ways, Jakoba could never have imagined.


Review: The Bookshop by R.A. Padmos is one the most intriguing military novels that I have laid eyes on…readers will be blown away by one independent woman’s story. How she loved her independence so much and then it all changed when one man took it upon himself to show her how much love is. A love that lives on no matter age, distance, or what side one is on, it’s something like a weed…once it comes up…it never goes away no matter what you do.

R.A. Padmos is indeed a talented writer. I was immediately sucked into the story. A story about a woman, love, and life choices. The book is told in her point of view. Readers will be taken from the present ad travel back to the woman’s very birth and make their way back to the current moment in life. The family the woman had, her friendships, her loss of loved ones, and her decision to not love takes a hold of readers in ways, that will leave them sympathizing, crying, and laughing along…In all of the novels, I have read, I don’t believe I have yet met a female character that pulls and tugs and my heart quite like Jakoba had done. Her development into a woman is beautifully told. I loved the journey that R.A. Padmos has masterfully woven for readers entertainment. Readers will get to see this character’s love for reading, the ownership of a bookshop where she has worked and the stronghold of life’s memories especially that of photographs that take us all back in time to those old days…when we were much younger…The Bookshop is well-written and one that readers don’t want to miss. I fell in love with it on the first page, and I highly recommend this magnificent tale to readers worldwide.