Review: More Than a Feeling by Sara Richardson

More Than a Feeling by Sara Richardson
Series: Heart of the Rockies (# 3)
Release Date: March 29, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Pages: 384
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review




For Ruby James the Walker Mountain Ranch is her safe haven. Here in Aspen, Colorado, she can finally build a quiet life for herself without fear of her old one rearing its ugly head. Or so Ruby thinks. Any single woman would be happy to indulge a tall, dark, and curious cop-but the closer Ruby gets to him, the closer she gets to losing her newfound peace.

Police officer Sawyer Hawkins is no stranger to secrets. He’s ready to leave town for good until a security threat brings him back to Walker Ranch, and Ruby’s gorgeous green eyes soon have him second-guessing his decision to go. Her kindness and quiet strength awaken feelings he’d thought long buried, even as her reluctance to talk about her past worries him. The cop in Sawyer only wants the truth-but the man in him wants Ruby in his arms forever . . .


Review:  This is book three in the Heart of the Rockies series and I have yet to read books one and two, No Better Man and Something Like You, respectively.  The book flowed nicely and I didn’t feel that I was missing anything not having read the first two books in the series.  There were a lot of relationships to sort through but that made it more fun.

A lot of background information was given on all the characters and Ruby and Sawyer had a lot of secrets and a lot of walls built up but also had chemistry.  There was a fire lit each time they were together and when they were they were also better people.  They began to rely on each other which neither one wanted – both being loners due to their pasts. There were layers to all the characters, even the foster kids that were on vacation at the ranch.  We learned about each of them little by little but also got to know them.  There were various stories being told at the same time which just added more depth to the story.  Nellie, the dog, was a nice addition to the story.

The descriptions of the ranch, the mountains, the kids, the activities, their lives and their secrets were vivid and made me feel that I was there.  There were twists and turns throughout the story with mysteries to be solved and truths to be told.  The Walker’s were a family to Ruby – one that she never had growing up.  There was nice closure and the epilogue tied up the loose ends giving me the happily ever after I wanted and never expected.

Richardson is a new to me author.  I look forward to reading the first two books in this series as well as other books she writes.

Favorite Quote: …So much he hadn’t know about relationships in general.  His parents had made it look easy. They’d argue, sometimes raise their voices, but their respect – their devotion to each other – always won out, no matter how ugly the battle got.  It took two to make something like that happen, though.  Two people who would fight for it every day of their lives.