Review: Life’s Unexpected Adventures by Joanne Rawson

Life’s Unexpected Adventures  by Joanne Rawson
Series: Volume 1
Release Date: June 4, 2015
Publisher: Melange Books, LLC
Pages:  131
Source: book was provided by the author for review



No Strings Attached

Wedding invitations are supposed to bring a smile to your face, with thoughts of a happy occasion that two people would be joining in Holy matrimony, publicly declaring their love for each other. However, for Laura Lee, it was just confirmation that at thirty-three, she had spent all her time and efforts on her career and is still single.

After finding out that her ex will be attending the same wedding, Laura Lee has three days to find herself a date. In desperation, she calls on the help of her best friend Lisa, the who’s who of Nottingham’s eligible bachelors.
Discovering that Nottingham’s most rich and handsome men find her icy, Laura has to take her only option, the man she most despises, her work colleague, Adam Ford.

Learner Mum

Polly Wilkins is a successful freelance journalist slash writer. She has been living with her partner Steve in what her parents call sin for the last eight years. But, to her parent’s disappointment, there are no signs of wedding bells or the patter of tiny feet on the horizon. Why? Because Polly, is not in the least bit maternal. Can this all change after Polly and Steve have a torrid weekend looking after her nephew? Or will Polly stick to her guns and loose Steve forever?

Unexpected Blind Date

If any of Grace Worthing’s friends dared to suggest she should go on a blind date, her answer would have been, “Blind dates are so tacky; they are definitely for the desperate.” She was so over men! After her fifth Sex on the Beach cocktail, she told friends she would never have sex again, let alone have sex on a beach. Then, somewhere between her second and third tequila slammer, Grace found herself, agreeing to meet Adrian. Little did she know how interesting and unexpected her blind date would be.


Review:  No Strings Attached: Laura is an auditor who’s worked hard to get where she is. Sacrificing some of her social life to make strides in the male dominated career field, she’s dreading going to yet another wedding solo. To make matters worse, her ex will be the Best man. After cheating on her with her friend and crushing her self-esteem with his cruel words, Laura can’t show up single.

Desperate to get a date, she reaches out to her best friend who has a plethora of dateable singles in her little black book. It’s then she’s forced to look at herself and what the break up has done to her. I wanted to like Laura, but I had a hard time dealing with some of her decisions, and overall thought process. I felt she acted a bit juvenile.

Adam, her co-worker and date for the wedding weekend, stepped up in a major way to save her from going the event alone. Whitty, funny and pleasant to be around, I felt he got the short end of the stick. Laura often let the effects of her past muck up her interactions with Adam.

This is a story full of humor and realness. If I had liked Laura, the story would have been a better read for me. If you like women’s issues, chic lit, and those funny awkward moments that turn out to be sweet, this read might be the one for you.

Learner Mum: I couldn’t get into this story. I didn’t like Polly. She was judgmental, and bitchy toward her sister because she went the traditional route of marriage and motherhood. Polly also seemed opposed to marriage for all the wrong reasons. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting kids, or believing in marriage. but the way Polly cracked jokes about post-partum depression and the way mothers handled children struck a raw nerve. It turned me against her early on in the story.

The hero, Steve, was sweet, thoughtful, and patient. I didn’t understand why he stayed with her. She admitted herself she was selfish and didn’t think about his needs. I wanted him to walk out and leave her alone.

Unexpected Blind Date:  Grace is an independent thirty-something not looking for a man. The successful school teacher allows herself to be placed on a blind date against her better judgment. Stood up, she runs into the suave Oliver. There’s an intense attraction that leads to a one night stand. The two meet up again, and I don’t understand the progression. Two people, who barely know one another, and have minimal interaction are affected do profoundly? I didn’t buy it. I also found the mention yet again of being unmarried by choice, and happy to be single to be overkill because the author did the same thing in the previous stories. I wish she had shown that was the case instead of telling because it came off in an unflattering light.

This anthology features women in many different stages of life. It tackles woman’s issues, explores the alternative options to a nuclear family, and features men who too want something different from life. The romance was different from most I read, but the subject matter really affected me on an emotional level, which made my perception skewed.  If you’re a fan of chick lit, independent woman, and unexpected love connections, this might be the anthology for you.