Review: Dragon Soul by Katie MacAlister

Dragon Soul by Katie MacAlister
Series: Dragon Falls (# 3)
Release Date: March 29, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Pages: 3530
Source: Book provided by NetGalley for review




Sophea Long knows that escorting her octogenarian client to Europe will be an adventure. Mrs. P has a habit of stealing anything shiny, and the former “hoochikoo dancer” is a lot faster than she looks. But Sophea hadn’t counted on Mrs. P leading her right into the arms of a smoldering, dark-haired stranger who kisses like a dream. If only he’d give up all this nonsense about Sophea being some kind of dragon…


There’s a reason Rowan Dakar is known as the Dragon Breaker. The last thing he needs is to fall for a woman who literally sets him aflame every time they kiss. After all, he has a mission-one that will finally free him of dragonkin for good. He can’t afford to be distracted by the funniest, most desirable woman he’s ever set eyes on. But no prophecy in the world can ever stop true love . . .


Review: Dragon Soul is told from the point of view of the female lead Sophea Long. We dive right into the story with Sophea and Mrs. P and their adventures on their way to Cairo. Sophea has the potential to be a strong female lead in this book, but it just doesn’t fully develop for me. She is strong in her own way but she is lacking in the common sense department. Sometimes she just needed to keep her mouth shut. It did make for some comedic relief when she would go off on her tangents.

The author is descriptive throughout the book. It really helped me to follow along with the character development and location changes. I did find though the beginning of the book a little hard to follow. I have not previously read any books by Katie MacAlister and was not even aware that this was a series book. I think if I would have known it was a series book it might have made some of the things that happened a little easier to understand.

I thoroughly did enjoy the story and the journey that I was taken on in Dragon Soul. Through all of the confusion and trouble that Sophea gets herself into there was always Mrs. P there to lighten the story from going to serious.

I am giving Dragon Soul a 3 Rose review. I look forward to going back and finding out where some of the characters that I met in this book came from and how their stories unfolded.

Favorite Quote: “That would have been counterproductive. My goal was to ensure you two rested uninterrupted, and if you had been with me… well, I doubt if you’d have gotten rest.”










“You’re on fire,” he said, sucking my earlobe at the same time he slid off my cotton shorts.

“Only for you,” I answered, working on his belt.

“I meant that literally,” he said, pulling back to give me a smile filled with pure heat.

I looked down. Around my feet, a ring of fire had formed. “Eek. Um. Should I be worried?”

“No. It can’t hurt you.”

I tamped out a bit of fire that was meandering toward Rowan. “I can make fire?”

He tipped me backward, his cheeks rubbing against my breasts, the sensation making my toes curl in ecstasy. “Dragons can, yes. I guess this means their mates have that ability, as well. From what I understand, it’s a reaction to strong emotions. Are you feeling strong emotions, Sophea?”

“That’s an understatement,” I said, whimpering when he molested first one breast, then the other. My hands were still working on his belt, and finally got it free from the buckle, and the button on his waistband undone.

“Tell me what you want,” he said, cupping my breast.

“You?” I said, hoping he wasn’t going to make me catalog my every desire, because at that moment, I had a metric butt-ton of them.

That must have been the answer he was looking for, because he scooped me up and carried me to the bed. “That’s ironic, because I happen to want you very badly. Impossibly so, as a matter of fact.”

“Did you have a dream, too?” I asked, trying to arrange myself on the bed so I looked like a goddess about to receive her lover rather than a rumpled tourist with unsexy underwear and jet lag.

He paused as his was about to undo his zipper. “Why do you keep mentioning a dream?”

“Ignore my mouth. It says unimportant things,” I said, donning a come-hither pose.

He dropped his pants, then quickly removed his underwear and crawled across the bed toward me.

“You changed out of your boots,” I said by way of conversation, suddenly feeling shy. What did I know about Rowan, really, other than the fact that I wanted him more than anything I could think of?


Author Bio

For as long as she can remember Katie MacAlister has loved reading, and grew up with her nose buried in a book. It wasn’t until many years later that she thought about writing her own books, but once she had a taste of the fun to be had building worlds, tormenting characters, and falling madly in love with all her heroes, she was hooked.

With more than fifty books under her belt, Katie’s novels have been translated into numerous languages, been recorded as audiobooks, received several awards, and are regulars on the New York TimesUSA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. A self-proclaimed gamer girl, she lives in the Pacific Northwest with her dogs, and frequently can be found hanging around online.