Review: Behrouz Gets Lucky by Avery Cassell

Behrouz Gets Lucky by Avery Cassell
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Publisher: Cleis Press
Pages: 260
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Where can a middle-aged, Persian-American genderqueer dyke find love these days? Online dating, of course! “Only butch dykes need apply” Behrouz writes, eager to swap quiet evenings at home with a smoking jacket, a cat, and a Sunday afternoon’s worth of well-used sex toys for a real relationship. Enter Lucky: younger, rougher, dominant, but far from perfect. Their first meeting explodes into powerful, rough, and panting sex, and Behrouz is soon determined not to let this captivator slip away. Their growing intimacy, set within a perfectly captured view of contemporary gay, transgender and queer life in San Francisco, makes this debut novel a mesmerizing read for anyone who loves erotic romance.


Review: This was by far THE MOST bizarre book I have ever read for Romancing the Book. However, that being said, this book was funny, romantic, and extremely well written. It was informative without being in the readers face, the two protagonists had fears, insecurities, and moments of self doubt. The characters were not predictable, and they were not what the readers (nor I) would be used to. They were their own brand of unique and not at all ashamed of who they were, and they were surprisingly likeable, personable, and vulnerable.

I saw that this book needed to be reviewed for our promotion with the author, and I’m usually the one that reads the strange ones that no one wants to read. I saw this title, and I had a moment of doubt, and thought this is too weird even for me, but I persevered and decided to give it a go. Also, I saw that one of the protagonists lived in Iran during their youth. My Mom lived in Iran for a year when she was a little girl, so I had an emotional connection as well. I have to admit, I was afraid I was going to not like this book, but I love it when I’m proven wrong. I loved this book.

OK, lets get the whole gender identity, male, female, ying, yang thingy out of the way. This book pushes boundaries and forces the reader to let go of what they feel is male-female and throws traditional values out the window. My values and how I feel were never threatened, but they were gently challenged. That’s what I liked about this book, new ideas and new forms of thinking were gently thrown on for size, but the reader doesn’t feel that traditional values and ideas are bad or are wrong. We all need to be able to express how we view the world we live in, and if our ideas are on the non-traditional side, who is anyone to judge.

I loved Behrouz and Lucky and the relationship that they created. Behrouz has doubts, fears, faults, and they are all laid out for the reader to find and identify with. Lucky is confident and knows what and who to go after, but there is this layer of uncertainty that the reader can see at certain moments in the story. It’s not always there, but it comes out every once in awhile.

Behrouz and Lucky have a group of friends that the reader gets introduced to about half way through the book and I so wanted to be there at the dinner party they were having just so I could talk to these group of people. They sounded like they were well educated, smart, funny, well informed, and just nice people trying to live their lives.

If the reader is not afraid of trying something new and taking a chance, read this book. I understand it’s not for everyone, but it was an excellent read.




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  1. Avery says:

    Thank you for the reading and reviewing my book, despite any trepidation. I’m glad you enjoyed meeting Behrouz, Lucky, and their pals, and I’m overjoyed that you found it an excellent read!

    I wonder if your mother and I ever crossed paths in Iran? I’ve found that the world is often smaller than I could ever anticipate!

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