Review: A Dame to Die For by Donovan J Brooks

A Dame to Die For by Donovan J Brooks
Release Date: February 29, 2016
Publisher: self published
Pages: 86
Source: book provided by the author for review



1946, New York City

I missed her. Five years in the army and I wanted her more than I had before I left. When she sent for me, I should have said no. Maybe I’m still a dumb kid with a soft spot for dames in a jam.

Lily knew it. When her dancer sister went missing from the Burlesque joint on 52nd, she banked on me coming to her rescue. But the past caught up and pulled us both under. I keep asking myself—is she worth dying for?

***Warning: This story includes characters from ‘Til the End of the Line. Some spoilers contained in this book if you haven’t read that one. Contains erotic elements.***


Review: I love reading romance written from a man’s perspective, I love it because in my opinion men and women write differently. I don’t mean that one writes better then the other, I mean that the feelings that their writing evokes, feels different when men and women write. Women usually write more about feelings and emotions. Men do too, but it just feels different. I don’t mean this in a bad way, I actually like reading from a male’s point of view because it’s different.

When a women writes, I understand how she feels, her feelings come out with her words, the main character, a woman, I can usually identify with her. The main character usually has something about her that most women can relate to. When a man writes, I get to see the main character, usually a man, I get to see how he feels, what he thinks, from a man’s perspective. A male author has to help the reader understand his feelings, his wants and desires, and I don’t just mean sexually either. The reader gets to understand what each of the characters are feeling and needing from each other.

I love that the author set the scene in the 1940’s I don’t see that very often and I loved the scene that he sets within the story. I actually felt like I was in the 1940’s. I could “see” inside my head New York City the way it would have been, I could visualize the way people would dress and act and sound like. It was totally authentic, it was great.

I loved Lily and Jack and their undeniable lust, love, and attraction to each other. They were made for each other and needed each other like people need air to breathe. I can’t give too much away or I’ll ruin the story, but, the reader just has to read it.

There are some extremely talented male romance authors out there, such as Jason Luke, Mason Sabre, Ethan Radcliff, Lucian Bane. They all write some wickedly awesome stuff, and now I get to add Donovan J Brooks to the list too.

Get this book, try it out.