Try It Tuesday: Collapsible Pet Bowl Set


PetBonus Collapsible Pet Bowl, Silicone Pop-up Travel Bowl for Dog & Cat (set of 4)
Manufacturer: PetBonus
Weight / Size: 3.5inch*2inch*0.5inch
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

PetBonus Collapsible Pet Bowl,Silicone Pop-Up Travel Bowl For Dog & Cat (Set of 4) is a collapsible dog bowl ideal for home or outdoor use. It’s great and convenient for dogs either with food or water. Easy to clean, store or bring along. The material is 100% premium silicone at food grade, durable, safe and nontoxic.


Review:  One of the most significant characteristics that pet owners look for in a pet bowl is durability and whether it will actually hold up when put to the test by a hungry or thirsty dog or cat. In this instance, the PetBonus Collapsible Pet Bowl, Silicone Pop-up Travel Bowl for Dog & Cat gets very high scores.

The bowls are brightly colored — in this case orange, yellow, green and magenta. The bowls are collapsible since they are made of silicone, but they have a sturdy ring around the top to keep them in place. The bowls also feature a design of a dog inside. They are easily cleaned, making them a practical solution.

Because of their size, I would recommend use with a small dog or any size cat. A larger animal would have difficulty eating or drinking without moving the bowl. My Papijack does really well with the bowls and doesn’t make a mess in the process.

I like the fact that there are four bowls in the set, which allows for easy rotation during cleaning. I tested them out on a road trip and they were a convenient alternative. The best part is probably the size because the bowls can be sized up or down depending on what is needed. A fully extended bowl is perfect for water while the platter angle works well for feeding moist food to cats.

I was impressed with the product’s performance, which was exactly as described. These pet bowls provide an excellent way to take care of a pet’s needs on the go.