Interview: Tierney O’Malley

Jen:  Today we welcome Tierney O’Malley back to Romancing the Book.  Tierney, will you share a short bio with us?
Tierney:  Tierney O’Malley began writing her first book when her youngest was in fifth grade. Now she is a multi-published author of erotic and paranormal romance. Her books appeared on KOBO, Bookstrand, and other third party bestsellers list. Ms. O’Malley lives with her husband and children in Seattle, Washington, and is currently working on a new novel and sets of series she recently sold.

Ms. O’Malley is always excited to hear from readers. You can visit her website at

Tierney loves to hear from readers. You can find her contact information, website and author biography at

Jen: Please tell us about your newest release and where the idea came from.
Tierney:  Inked Promise, the third book of the Blue-eyed Four series, is about the delicious and drool-worthy Nolan Keats and sinfully sexy Gypsy Grey. Their story started great, but circumstances separated them and then something happened. Something that brought them together BUT…you just have to read the book. ☺

Where the idea for this book came from? Well, the first book of the series, Passionate Bid, is written as a standalone and not a part of a series. Since I love all the Blue-eyed Four members, I decided that writing their love stories, how they find their soul mates is a cool idea. And receiving numerous letters from my wonderful readers asking if Henry Colchester, Nolan Keats, and Trey Sandalwood will have their own stories written sealed my decision to really go for a series. Henry found June in The Best of June, Nolan Keats met the love of his life in Inked Promise. Trey’s story, Sinfully Mine, is taking shape already. Also, someone even asked if I’d write Sam and Marcus’ story, the children in the first book. My answer to that? Yes. I am totally going to write their own love story. ☺

As it turned out, the series idea is fantastic. Passionate Bid and The Best of June both received a silver star at All Romance Ebooks. Meaning they’d made it to the bestsellers list. We’ll see about Inked Promise. Hopefully. My editor at Totally Bound told me that it is her favorite story.

Here’s a short excerpt:

She had been reading erotic historical romance books since high school, but they were nothing compared to this. So graphic and the language—holy cow!

Hooked by the story, she continued reading until she was so engrossed and felt as though she was in the same room as the characters.

“Must be a good book.”

“Eekk!” Gypsy snapped the book closed. Surprised to find that she was no longer alone in the library. “No!”

“You could have fooled me.”

“Really. It’s a bad book.”

“The house could be on fire and you wouldn’t have even noticed because that book is bad. Really.”

Gypsy almost sighed when Nolan gave her that familiar wicked smile. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be looking for the Aurora Borealis?”

“Left the group. And there is no Aurora Borealis. Henry just said that.” Nolan placed the plate he was holding on the coffee table. Two wine glasses and a bottle tucked under his arm followed.

“And your date?”

“She’s not my date. She’s downstairs. Mad as hell because we didn’t stay with the others. She found someone to flirt with anyway.”

“Well, did you explain that you’re engaged and you can’t—?”

“What are you reading?” Nolan sat beside her and leaned closer to look at the book.

“—be doing any monkey business?”

“What are you reading?” he repeated.

If he didn’t want to talk about his engagement, fine. “Nothing. Found this on the shelf.”

She tried to put the book away, but Nolan grabbed it. “Hey!”

“Let me see. Ah. Oh-ho! No wonder. You’re reading porn.”

“It is not.”

“It is.” Nolan whistled. “This is Kama Sutra in a different format.”

“I wouldn’t know anything about Kama Sutra. Saw only the first few pages of the book.”

Nolan’s face split into a wide smile that never failed to make her heart jump. “I know. We didn’t get a chance to peruse it, huh?”

Heat crept up her neck and face. She remembered the night Nolan had climbed in through her window with a mischievous look on his face. He’d brought a surprise, he had said.

It was Kama Sutra. She’d laughed and had tried to snatch it away from him. But once she’d opened the book, she never got past page two. “It was your fault.”

“My… No. It was your fault.”


“You looked at me.”

“Oh, I looked at you, so it was my fault that we didn’t get to see the whole book.”

“You didn’t.”

“What?” Gypsy frowned at Nolan. “So you already saw that book before you came to visit me?”

“Yes.” Nolan chuckled.

“Not fair.”

“Again, your fault. You gave me this come-and-kiss-me-now look that undid me.”

Gypsy didn’t know what to say to that. She just stared at Nolan, trying not to remember the specifics of that night. But like a broken dam, everything came out from the back of her mind. Most of them involving the bed and different positions that Nolan had suggested they try. Sweet pea, her throat went dry, and she throbbed.


Jen:  How do you remember ideas that come to you at odd times?
Tierney:  I have journals in all parts of the house. ☺ Whenever an idea strikes, which happens all the time, I always write it down. It is the only way I’ll remember everything. Right now, I have two backpacks full of journals and am still counting.

Jen: What’s the most challenging aspect of writing? Easiest? Most rewarding?
Tierney:  When I first started writing, I joined different online groups, writing seminars, emailed groups of writers looking for a member, read lots of books, and studied different rules about writing—what to avoid (purple prose), POV, etc. I researched information on how to hone my skills as a writer. That was the first challenge that I kind of overcame. I said kind of because I find that writing requires constant learning. There are rules that I have learned from different houses that made me backpedal and think, editors offered different approaches or knowledge about how to make my stories smoother and tighter. Then, I would add that information into my info folder and relearn those. Now that I have published books under my belt, I find that even with a schedule I often followed, time is not on my side at all. There are so many stories/ideas to write and only twenty-four hours a day. Not enough.

Easiest aspect of writing? Is there such thing? Ha. Ha. Creating believable characters is somewhat easy. I don’t make them perfect. They are all flawed and most of the time based on myself, people I know, watched at the mall or seen on television. I like creating characters that the readers can relate to. Yeah, you don’t see models walking around everyday or riding the transit buses, right? You see regular people with hopes and dreams, challenges and secrets. So, creating characters is basically an art of observation then putting everything that you learned on paper, making them come to life. ☺

Most rewarding…whenever I see my name on the book cover. That’s an achievement. A product of hard work. An ice cream on a hot sunny day.

Jen: If this book was made into a movie, who do you see playing the main characters?
Tierney:  Uhm…I think Adam Lavine would be a good Nolan Keats. I love music and Adam is a really handsome actor, but also an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He is the lead vocalist for the Los Angeles pop rock band Maroon 5.

For an actress to play Gypsy Grey, Rachel Clare Hurd-Wood would be perfect. She is an English actress and model, best known for her roles as Wendy Darling in Peter Pan, Corrie McKenzie in Tomorrow, When the War Began, and Sibyl Vane in Dorian Gray.

Jen: If you were able to travel in time, where would you go and what 3 things would you take with you?
Tierney:  I would travel back to meet former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. She wasn’t just a first lady busy decorating the White House. Eleanor Roosevelt changed the role of the first lady through her active participation in American politics. She was an active newspaper columnist, gave press conferences, served at the United Nations advocating for human rights and women issues. I think she is the most intelligent, powerful, and down-to-earth first lady. I love that she stood behind her husband despite all the stories regarding his infidelity. She supported and loved him until her dying days. Eleanor showed her big heart for the country and for her family by showing her forgiveness and loyalty. She reminds me of my heroine in my books. They loved their soulmates to the fullest.

Three things I would take with me if I travel back in time. My husband and children’s pictures. Copies of my books that I would like to show Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt if I could. Ha. Ha. And bottles of Tylenol.

Jen: What do you do in your free time?
Tierney:  Whenever I have a free time, I play the guitar or go for a walk with my husband. During summertime, we go on hikes or play tennis.

Jen: What’s next for you?
Tierney:  I’ve been working on Sinfully Mine, the last book of Blue-eyed Four, which tells the story of Trey and Shayne. Like the first three, Sinfully Mine is full of sexy and heart-warming scenes. Trey is funny and oozed with sexiness that one can find in a bad boy character. Now, Shayne…just one look at her and any man would find himself on his knees.