Try It Tuesday: HoldPeak Digital Multimeter


Digital Multimeter
Manufacturer: HoldPeak
Size: 6.6 x 2.4 x 3.5 inches
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

The Multi-meter is Characterized at Slim Size, Portable, Stable Performance and Anti-dropping Capacity. Using 6000 Digits LCD Monitor with Character 22mm High. They Offer Clear Readings. With Overall Circuitry Design Centering on Large-scale IC A/D Converters in Conjunction and Over-load Protection Circuit, the Meters Give Excellent Performance and Exquisite Making as a Handy Utility Instrument. The Meters can be used to Measure DC & AC Voltage, DC & AC Current, Resistance, Capacitor, Frequency, Positive Diode Voltage Fall, Battery Power, Temperature and Continuity.


Review: The HoldPeak Digital Multimeter is much more than I expected it to be. It came with a nice carrying case that is very durable and easy to store. The multimeter itself is also very durable. The digital LCD screen makes readings much easier to see and the multimeter reads very quickly.

The HoldPeak Digital Multimeter can also measure temperature. There are so many different functions on this product that I will probably never need to test them all. Despite the number of functions, it is extremely easy to use. I’m not a very electrically inclined person, yet I was able to use it with ease. We used it to test our vehicle batteries because we have been having issues with them dying. When we took the vehicle to the shop, even the mechanic was impressed with the HoldPeak Digital Multimeter.

The description on Amazon says that the multimeter does not come with a battery, but I did receive a 9V battery when I ordered. It was plastic wrapped in the battery compartment. It was very easy to install and the meter started working right away.

The price and the quality of the HoldPeak Digital Multimeter exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with this product. So pleased that I may buy another one for my brother and father.