Try It Tuesday: Hairika Straightener Brush


Hairika Straightener Brush
Manufacturer: Hairika
Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

The Hair Brush straightener is revolutionary new device to get silky smooth straight hair in just a few minutes time. Simply switch on the brush straightener, choose the optimum temperature using the digital display screen and enjoy the perfect smooth experience.

QUICK: When we say ‘quick’, we mean – 5 to 10 times quicker than traditional straightening process.
You’re at home, and your friends suddenly invite you to a picnic. Or your boss notifies you of a high-profile corporate meeting that you need to attend in the next 15 minutes. Or some guests called up to say that they’ll be at your doorstep within half an hour; your hairs are completely tangled, messed up and looks devastating – what’d you do now?

Easy and fast straightening at home with the results of a saloon
The Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush with the exclusive digital temperature display is just perfect. The brush straightener is quick and easy to use, amazingly affordable and gives you smooth, silky hair in just a few minutes. You can set or check the temperature, so that it isn’t too hot to hurt your hairs or damage your scalp.

Available in vibrant colors, the hair brush straightener comes with a Travel Pouch and free hair clips. Never get late to a meeting or party anymore. Look stunning and elegant with smooth, silky hair.


Review: I have been wanting one of these brush straighteners since I saw them on Facebook, but the price scared me away. You can imagine how excited I was when I was offered the opportunity to try the Hairika Straightener Brush. I had my fingers crossed that it would work because my hair does not like to be straight. I have short (slightly above the shoulders), wavy, thick hair. I stopped trying to straighten it a while back because it took about 30 minutes to get it straight, then add the time to actually style it. I have two children under the age of 8, I do not have time to spend an hour or more on just my hair.

I received the Hairika Straightener Brush a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. I really like the way it is packaged. A soft foam insert kept the straightener from getting bumped around during shipping. The box also includes a carrying case and two hair clips. The quality of the case isn’t top notch and wouldn’t provide much protection while traveling, but the box is sturdy enough to be used if you decide to travel with it. The clips are good quality though. Not the cheap plastic ones that break after the first use. The straightener itself was good quality as well. It is sturdy but not too heavy. When I unpacked it, I noticed it has a finger guard at the bottom of the bristles when your hand would be holding the brush. I really liked this because I always burn myself while straightening my hair, and I do mean always. While reading the instructions, I noticed the brush has a one-hour auto-off feature. This will be very convenient if someone forgets to turn off the straightener after they use it, like I also tend to do. It also has suggested temperature settings for different hair types included in the instructions.

Now for the test. When you first turn on the straightener, the temperature is read in Celsius. However, you can easily change it to Fahrenheit by holding down both of the temperature buttons at the same time for a few seconds. The Hairika Straightener Brush heats up super-fast! In just over 1 minute, the temperature was at 200 degrees F and fully heated to 450 degrees F in about 3 and a half minutes! I’ve never had a straightener that heated that fast. The digital display was really nice. It has a blue back light that makes it easy to read the temperature. I used the straightener right away. I started with unbrushed, unstyled hair. I brushed my hair slowly for about 5 minutes without putting any effort into it. I brushed the top then lifted my hair to get the underside (gotta love that thick hair). Just in that small amount of time, you could see a major difference. The only place I had issues with was the back of my neck. My hair likes to flip outward at the nape of my neck which makes it a little difficult to straighten with any straightener. My hair is pretty short there so I expected issues.

I’m very impressed with the results. Obviously I would need to spend more than 5 minutes to straighten my hair the way I wanted it, but the Hairika Straightener Brush has definitely made a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to style my hair. The only negative thing I can find about the straightener is the placement of the temperature and power buttons. They are located on the handle of the brush and can be pressed while straightening your hair. It also takes a while for the brush to cool down after use.

I would definitely recommend the Hairika Straightener Brush. I’ve been bragging about it since the first time I used it. The price is amazing considering the quality of this product.