Try It Tuesday: GRDE Wireless Mini Bluetooth Earphone



Wireless Mini Bluetooth Earphone
Manufacturer: GRDE
Weight / Size: 3.2 oz. shipping weight
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Super Mini Compact Portable Appearance Design ; Elegant appearance,lightweight and stylish ;With LED indicator light ; Built-in DSP audio processing system, can eliminate the noise ;
  • Equipped with a Second Wired Ear Bud which can be insert into the main Ear bud, then transform from Mono to Dual channel, you could listen to music in your both ears if you like; Easy control between voice calls and music .
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Version, CSR High-End chip, High stability, Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices . Barrier-free Effective distance is about 10 meters( Depend on environment, mobile phone and headset line distance).
  • Support Voice Reminding — clearly know the status about the headphone. It will report the phone number when a call is coming ; Voice Control –By saying “Yes” or “No” to answer or reject the phone call .
  • About 1.5 hour Charging time ; About 4 hours Talking Time /3 hours Playing Time/3-5days Stand-by Time ( when full charged )


Review: I’ve needed some sort of Bluetooth earpiece for answering the phone while driving but the standard headphones that come with phones are too big for my ears. I need the kind with the cushy pillows that will form to my ears. I also get tangled in the wires so I’ve been looking for something wireless. I thought I had found it but after a few weeks of use, I’m not so sure.

The earphone came in a nice, solid box (great if you’re gift giving!) along with the secondary earpiece, the charging cord, extra ear cushions, and an ear hook.

The secondary earpiece allows you to listen to music in surround. I did have a problem with the secondary earpiece – the sound is not as loud as with the main earpiece. I emailed the Amazon seller (MC-Power) but the answer they sent didn’t seem to make any sense. (There seemed to be a translation issue.) However, this problem won’t really affect me as I don’t intend to use the second earpiece very often, if at all.

The ear hook is so-so. I found it’s a bit stiff and inflexible for my tastes and I kept popping the earphone out of holder as I was taking it off. When using the hook, the ear-bud doesn’t fit all the way into the ear so ambient noise isn’t filtered. However without the hook, the earphone did sometimes slip out of my ear, especially when I was active (walking as opposed to driving).

I first tested the earphone using music on my cell phone. It came in loud and clear and, other than the aforementioned problem with the secondary earpiece, I didn’t have any problems – no static or breaking. I then tested on a phone call.

The first call was pretty bad. Static on both sides – mine and the callers. Subsequent calls have gone better. My boyfriend says my voice sounds like I’m on speakerphone but without all the background noise. I still get a bit of static on my end but it’s manageable.

WP_20151124_09_23_32_ProThere are two black marks on the earphone. The first would be the instructions. Not only are they printed in Chinese with fairly bad English translations but they are printed very, very small. I’m actually attaching a photo here showing the print in relation to a fine point pen. In order to read them, I took photos with my cell phone and then enlarged them.

The second is that the after a few phone calls, the voice that tells me the earphone is “On”, “Off”, and “Connected” suddenly started speaking in Chinese. I don’t speak Chinese so I have no idea if I am turning the headphone on or off or if it is connected or not. I have to keep checking the Bluetooth app to see if it’s active. This is annoying.

Overall, it’s a so-so product – if it hadn’t started speaking in Chinese, it would earn a higher rating but for me, that is a great downfall.