Try It Tuesday: Cards Against Humanity Unofficial Expansion Packs (Volumes 1-4) by Cakes Athirst Hilarity


51RsZn6rkOL._SY355_Cards Against Humanity Unofficial Expansion Packs (Volumes 1-4)
Manufacturer: Cakes Athirst Hilarity
Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

The unapologetic expansion to the crude humor adult party game, Cards Against Humanity. Cakes Athirst Hilarity will expose the devious, dirty, and disgracefully hilarious inner workings of your friends’ minds.

Gameplay is as easy as A-B-C. One player poses a question using a Black Card, and the remaining players respond with their most amusing white card. Manufactured at the same factory as the original Cards Against Humanity to ensure complete compatibility between versions.

**Updated** New Updated version removed duplicates from all other versions of CAH and expansion packs and no more typos. This updated version is better than ever with new cards adding even more salacious and hilarious cards.


Review: ***WARNING: You cannot be easily offended if you plan on playing this adult card game***

In order to use the Cards Against Humanity Unofficial Expansion Packs (Volumes 1-4) you must already own the original card game, Cards Against Humanity. The Cakes Athirst Hilarity Expansion Packs includes 320 white cards, 120 black cards.

I may have a twisted sense of humor but I found these card to be hilarious. If you already own Cards Against Humanity, you know how crazy this game can get. The expansion packs add many more options and twists for the game. Here is a few examples of what you can expect to find in Cards Against Humanity Unofficial Expansion Packs (Volumes 1-4) by Cakes Athirst Hilarity.

  • Black Card: My favorite hobby is… White Card: Being a clever little girl. (Expansion pack Volume 1)
  • Black Card: The likely cause of most divorces is… White Card: Coming out of the closet. (Expansion pack Volume 2)
  • Black Card: Your account has been banned. Reason:… White Card: Ripping off the upper class. (Expansion pack Volume 3)
  • Black Card: What makes the world a better place? White Card: What “The Rock” was really cooking. (Expansion pack Volume 4)

Obviously I chose some of the tamer cards to use as examples. However, these expansion packs really change the game.

These cards are not recommended for children. Some of the cards are very sick and twisted. However, if you enjoy Cards Against Humanity, you will love these packs.