Review: Happy Foods: Over 100 Mood-Boosting Recipes by Karen Wang Diggs

Happy Foods: Over 100 Mood-Boosting Recipes by Karen Wang Diggs
Release Date: January 12, 2016
Publisher: Viva Editions
Pages: 272
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Do you want to feel better about what you eat? Do you want to feel better all day long? Truly healthy food is not only better tasting, it is far less expensive and can change your mental outlook on life. Author Karen Wang Diggs has lived in Hong Kong and the United States and brings a wealth of this food knowledge, village wisdom and secrets to healthy living from her travels as well as the hard science of nutrition. As a chef, nutritionist and cooking instructor, Diggs has helped hundreds overcome eating issues and arrive at a food lifestyle that has them smiling again. From dealing with diabetes to smart and safe approaches to weight-loss and even working with cancer patients to find foods that give them a new lease on life, Diggs’ savvy, know-how and food smarts are all packed into the clean cuisine of Happy Foods.


Review:  Karen Wang Diggs is a chef and a nutritionist who uses both of these skills to teach people how to eat clean and live healthy lifestyles. In the very beginning of the book she asks if there is a correlation between what we eat and how we feel. I totally believe that there is. Although, I don’t use the route of clean eating to get to feeling good, which what this book is about.

Even though I am not looking to be a clean eater I found this book interesting. It is filled with scientific explanation of foods in simple terms. The recipes look uncomplicated to make and are easily explained. I probably would not make many of them because they have ingredients like tahini, adzuki beans, and pasture-raised eggs. If I can’t find an ingredient already in my pantry or at the local grocery store I will not be using it.

Happy Foods has a wealth of information for someone who is looking for a way to get out of the dumps through changing food and lifestyle. It is obvious that a lot of research went into this book. You will learn the hows and whys of eating certain foods that may help with sleep, energy, detox and more. If you know nothing about living clean this book will be an eye opener. You can also gain a better understanding of how our bodies work and of the foods that we put into them.


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