Review: Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year anthology

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year edited by Sacchi Green
Series: 20th Anniversary Edition: 1
Release Date: February 9, 2016
Publisher: Cleis Press
Pages: 224
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Cleis Press’ most lauded editor, Sacchi Green assumes the helm of one the most-heralded and best-selling series, Best Lesbian Erotica. This match made in book publishing heaven is also a fan fave whose readers range from 18 to 80 and who can’t get enough of the Lambda Award–winning Sacchi Green’s scorching hot stories of lesbian sex. From lust-at-first sight quickies to long-time companions, this voracious volume is the stuff of every woman’s fantasy. With secret desires, coming-out, and coming-of-age stories and deeper explorations of what Green describes as “the fiercer shores of sex,” Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 1 aims to please and leave you satisfied.


Review: As the reader can see, this is a lesbian erotica book. If this kind of fiction isn’t something that is of interest to the reader, then this book is probably not going to be something that they would purchase. There are seventeen vignettes in this anthology and they are all written by some truly exceptionally talented authors. Sacchi Green, who edited this anthology had mentioned in her introduction, and I’m using my words not her, that these authors wrote stories that had plots that were never written before, or plots that have been done before, but with a new twist. I couldn’t agree more. Here is the list of stories and their authors that are in the anthology:

Dust by Rose De Fer
Ascension by Louise Blaydon
Tomato Bondage by Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Royalty Underground by Megan McFerren
Reunion Tour by Harper Bliss
Hot Blood by D.L King
Make Them Shine by Sossity Chiricuzio
Tears From Heaven by Jean Roberta
Luscious and Wild by Sinclair Sexsmith
Smorgasbord by R.G Emanuelle
A Professional by Rose P. Lethe
Easy by Anna Wayson
Grindhouse by Valerie Alexander
Give and Take by AnnaBeth Leong
Mirror, Mirror by Frankie Grayson
The Road to Hell by Cheyenne Blue
The Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet by Emily L. Byrne

For the sake of your sanity, and mine, I won’t bore you with a review of all of the stories, but a select few. I understand that my reviews will be on the slim vague side, but these are short stories, and I don’t want to spoil the plot, or what happens at the end for the reader.

For instance, in the stories Dust by Rose De Fer and A Professional by Rose P. Lethe, we have two young women, who meet in very unusual circumstances, and find a way to make things work for them.

There are quite a few stories that have elements of BDSM, but not the usual Fifty Shades of Grey variety, but completely different from that. Those stories include Tomato Bondage by Teresa Noelle Roberts, Tears from Heaven by Jean Roberta, Luscious and Wild by Sinclair Sexsmith, just to name a few, I want to keep some element of surprise.

All of these stories have plenty of emotion, and angst that will pull the reader in and be totally consumed by the stories. I enjoyed the whole book and look forward to another anthology coming out soon.

I hope the reader will give this book a try and I hope they enjoy the stories as well, You never know what you’ll find between the pages of a book. It’ll always be something good.