Playlist: Abby Niles

I want to thank Romancing the Book for letting me share the playlist for HEALING LOVE. I picked songs from every aspect of the book from Lance and Ella’s personal struggles to the attraction between them to Lance’s love for his daughter.

The first three are some of my personal favorite “fight back” songs. The kind of songs that I also turn to when I’m having a hard time getting through a difficult period in my life. These songs help me notch my chin up in determination and power through. Both Ella and Lance are going through tough times and these songs were perfect to represent not letting a bad situation or event get the best of you.

The Avett Brothers’ “A Father’s First Spring” was written by Scott Avett after his daughter was born. And I think it encompasses a father’s love for his child. Lance will do anything for his daughter.

Anything, which is why he’s going through the tough time he’s experiencing.

The Christina Aguilera songs covers Ella’s attraction and feelings for Lance, while Jason Derulo and Maroon 5 speak for Lance.

I hope you enjoy!


Doctor Ella Watts wants her old life back. Desperately. But the past has returned for its rematch, and going back home—even telling anyone her real name—isn’t an option until she’s confident in her MMA abilities. Personal trainer Lance Black is the man to help her reach her goals. Not only is he toned, muscular, and gorgeous, he’s patient, a great teacher, and willing to treat her like a worthy opponent. Except his size makes her freeze whenever he gets too close. If Ella can’t learn how to overcome her fear of being attacked, she’ll never be able to move on with her life.

Underground fighter Lance Black knows there’s more to the mysterious blonde ninja than a beautiful woman determined to improve her fighting skills. She can best anyone close to her size – man or woman – but insists on working out with him, even though he’s got a good 70 pounds and several inches on her. Despite her reticence, he’s determined to get her to open up so he can help her get over her mental block. And if that means he can get to know her outside the gym, all the better.

As long as she never learns his secrets.


Kelly Clarkson- Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

Rachel Platten- Fight Song

Rascal Flatts—Stand

The Avett Brothers—A Father’s First Spring

Christina Aguilera—Candyman

Christina Aguilera—Ain’t No Other Man

Jason Derulo—I Want to Want Me

Maroon 5—Love Somebody

Bonus Track—Maroon 5—Sugar: Added to the playlist simply because the Maroon 5 song I chose didn’t do Adam Levine justice. Who doesn’t want to see some tuxedoed Adam Levine hotness?


Author Bio
Abby Niles is the author of the contemporary MMA series, Love to the Extreme, and the paranormal series, The Awakening. She is also the author to the geeky romantic comedy, Defying Convention, where Live Action Role Players (LARPers) set out to teach their favorite author a lesson, but end up playing matchmaker instead.

Abby lives in North Carolina with the love of her life and their combined gaggle of kids. When she’s not writing, she’s trying to catch up on an endless pile of laundry and find time to get some much needed reading in.

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