Try It Tuesday: UniPak Poly Mailer Envelopes


Poly Mailer Envelopes
Manufacturer: UniPak
Size: 10 inches x 13 inches
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

These light weight RightPriceUSA poly mailers self seal for easy and secure packing. Each Poly Mailer is 10″ x 13″ in size and is white with black privacy lining, providing a professional and private appearance. Features: •10″x13″” •Pack of 100 •Self Sealing •Poly Mailer Envelopes •White outer surface/Grey Lining

Review: I asked to review the UniPak Poly Mailer Envelopes because I ship several shirts and similar items each month for my business. I need packaging that is water and tear resistant so my products do not get damaged during shipping.

I was disappointed with this product. They were way too thin. I shipped 2 shirts in the envelopes. They fit perfectly and completely sealed but I could clearly see what was inside the package. So, I had to double package them by using two of the UniPak Poly Mailer Envelopes. Unless a package is marked fragile, shipping companies usually aren’t very careful with packages. I feel like if I had only used one envelope, my product wouldn’t have made it to the destination without being ripped open.

I was also not impressed with the price. At sixty cents each, I expected a better quality product. I paid ten cents each for my last batch of poly mailers and the quality was extremely good.

I wouldn’t recommend the UniPak Poly Mailer Envelopes to anyone unless you don’t mind wrapping everything twice. As a business owner, I won’t be ordering these poly mailers again.