Try It Tuesday: Mystery® Universal Cell Phone Clip Holder


Universal Cell Phone Clip Holder
Manufacturer: Mystery®
Weight / Size: 6.2 x 5.1 x 3.5 inches
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • USB car charger, quick speed & high efficiency charging
  • With goose neck design, support all direction circumgyrated
  • High quality PC+ABS material;non-slip feet, keep your cellphone in holder steadily
  • Adjustable rotation for 360 degrees, flexible arm width from 20mm-100mm, fit with most devices
  • Compatible with most smartphones, GPS, PDA, MP3/MP4 Players, etc


Review: I was looking forward to this phone holder for my car as the last one I had became loose over time and the phone wouldn’t stay in an upright position. This one plugs directly into the cigarette lighter, which I thought was better than using the air vent or the CD player slot. However, while the idea is good, there were a few inherent problems.

The cigarette lighter in my car is rather low on the dash and right next to the gear shifter which now puts the phone too low to easily read while I’m driving, which is especially hard when trying to follow map directions. Another problem is that the height of the phone covers the a/c controls. Whenever I want to turn the air on, off, up, or down, I have to remove the phone first. Much more serious is that the phone sits right next to the gear shift. Whenever I put the car into gear or park, I hit the phone and the whole contraption goes flying. Even worse, I do this when I’m parking and put the gear into reverse and end up with the phone on the floor under my feet.

The whole thing also doesn’t sit well in the cigarette holder. I’ve noticed the digital readout going off, indicating that the holder is not secured. If I push down on it, the readout comes back on. This is bad if you’re counting on a steady charge. I think it might be that it’s just too top-heavy although I’m not sure why it wiggles around and becomes loose.

The one thing I couldn’t figure out was the digital readout. There was no instruction page that came with the holder that explained what the numbers were. (They’re voltage readouts but information on what is the normal range would have been good.)