Review: The Mystery of the Lei Palaoa by Terry Ambrose

The Mystery of the Lei Palaoa by Terry Ambrose
Series: A McKenna Mystery novella (# 5)
Release Date: December 16, 2015
Publisher: self published
Pages: 44
Source: Book provided by the author for review



An arrogant troublemaker is murdered on the streets of Honolulu and the one clue is a precious necklace the man wore, but that’s missing. With no other clues and no witnesses, McKenna and his PI-wannabe friend Chance Logan need to find a way to save an innocent man from being convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.


Review: Wilson McKenna has become one of my favorite characters. He’s a cross between a curmudgeon and a knight, and he’s that cool landlord all us renters wish we had. Being older, he’s not the typical macho hero that settles a problem by swinging his fists – he uses his wits and logic to get what he needs. It’s that logic that’s so crucial to a good mystery and it’s his wit that makes McKenna a favorite.

In this story, McKenna and his “partner” Chance witness a small altercation in a coffee shop. McKenna later finds the subject of that run-in dead – and the historic lei niho palaoa is missing. McKenna’s inquisitiveness won’t let him walk away. He begins questioning the kids involved in the altercation and soon solves the mystery.

Don’t be put off by the name – it’s pretty simple to pronounce. Lay Pa-low-a. (At least, I hope I have that right and my apologies to my Hawaiian speaking friends if I don’t!) If you only have a short time to read, this is a great mystery to pick up.





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