Review: Sweet Tooth by Jasmine Nightshade

Sweet Tooth by Jasmine Nightshade
Release Date: January 18, 2016
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 91
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Artist Micah Taylor has returned home to tiny Fiesta, Florida, to pick up the pieces after the death of the father who disowned him. Mourning and still hurting that his dad never accepted that his son was gay, Micah stands at an emotional crossroads, unsure of his next move.

Cash Callahan was a born entrepreneur, spending all his lunch money in grade school on sweets at the dollar store – then selling it to his classmates for jacked-up prices. Now he’s bought a town icon and turned it into The Sweet Tooth, Fiesta’s only candy store.

When Micah decides to buy his father’s favorite candy to lay on his grave, the visit brings a flood of memories to both young men, who had admired each other from afar all through high school – though neither knew it at the time. Then Cash hires Micah to paint a mural on the side of his building, and they embark on a scorching-hot relationship on the down low.

Micah wants to publicly celebrate their rekindled feelings, but Cash fears the backlash from small-town minds intolerant of both gay and interracial romance. Can Micah convince him that life is sweeter when you’re true to yourself?


Review: I want to make it clear at the beginning of this review that this is a m/m romance story. If m/m romance is not something that appeals, then this book shouldn’t be read. For the rest of us, this book was very good.

This is a short story, but it felt right where the book ended.

I loved the problems that the story touched upon. Wanting and being accepted is so very important, whether a person is gay or not. We all want to be liked by our neighbors, the people we see everyday in town. Who wants to be disliked? Cash is just so incredibly young, he’s gosh, 21 possibly? He hasn’t lived nearly enough, but he fears “what are people going to think?”, because he is a gay man in a small town. That’s a big obstacle to overcome for someone so young. Cash is a very mature young man. He handles his responsibilities with wisdom and maturity, and I think I would want him as my friend, if I had lived in that small town. Cash is much more mature then I was at that age. I would have succumbed to societal pressure, and no one would ever have known if I was gay or not. Being gay in a small town can’t be easy, and Cash lets the reader understand how he feels.

Micah is a complex character, and his layers were harder to uncover then Cash’s. Micah is a young man who is looking for someone to love him as he is, to accept him, and to live life for themselves and for no one else.

Both characters grow and mature together and they change for the better for themselves as well as for each other.

If m/m romance is something that the reader loves, or if the reader wants to read a m/m romance to find out if it’s something they might enjoy, give this book a try.