Review: Saffina’s Secrets by Flora Dain

Saffina’s Secrets by Flora Dain
Series: Suiting Saffina (# 2)
Release Date: January 19, 2016
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 94
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



When Saffina’s stern guardian takes her to France, his aim is to find her a suitor. Hers is simply to enjoy his strict instruction in the arts of pleasure for as long as she can. Aware she’s unlikely to lure a sophisticate like him, she vows to keep her feelings for him a secret. But at the magnificent château they first visit, nothing is what it seems. A sober young man who takes her fancy has a hidden agenda. Her hosts are famed libertines. Her guardian’s rakish past sends him urgently to Paris, and she learns the château is haunted. Worse, her hated former governess, now her maid, ties her to the bedposts at night to assist her ‘training’—but the real reason is to amuse a mystery night visitor. Saffina relishes the nightly amusement while awaiting her guardian’s return. Then she learns he’s in mortal danger…


Review:  In the second part of the Suiting Saffina series, author Flora Dain sends the characters to France for an erotic adventure. Building on the events of the first book, Saffina’s Secrets is packed with naughty encounters.

This installment is a shorter version than the first, but still full of surprises. While there admittedly is a lack of literary depth to the storyline, it is an addictive read. For a young woman like Saffina, the trip to France features a celebration of pleasure unlike anything she has ever witnessed. It’s quite an experience for a young woman who is supposed to be securing a husband. As she soon discovers, there are plenty of surprises in store.

While the Earl initially appeared to be somewhat cold and heartless on the surface, his character proves to have quite a bit of depth. When events from the past threaten him, Saffina delivers the performance of her life. Elements of history woven into the storyline serve as the backdrop to this sizzling tale. Ultimately, Saffina’s deepest secrets are revealed, which might impact her future.

Short, spicy and definitely fun to read, the stories delivered by Flora Dain have earned her a spot on my keeper list.