Try It Tuesday: Vinyl Chalkboard Sheet Wall Decal Blackboard


Vinyl Chalkboard Sheet Wall Decal Blackboard
Manufacturer:  Atalanta
Size: 8 8 by 12 inch pages
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

EXPRESS YOURSELF NOW: Express and record your amazing idea with our easy to apply chalkboard sticker now!

CONVENIENT AND SIMPLY: Simply stick and peel the vinyl chalkboard off anytime. What a convenient helper!
DURABLE AND STAY EXCELLENT : Made with high-quality vinyl , the chalkboard is Dustproof ,Waterproof and Oilproof ,it will stay excellent for a long time.

JUST LIKE THE REAL BLACKBOARD-Easy to write on and perfect for school home bedroom, just like the real backboard. And the liquid chalk can be removed with a damp rag. Use them again and again!

Amount: Sets of 8 Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Paper Size: Each sheet measures 8 by 12 inches


Review:  I’m always looking for ways to get more organized.  I’m such a list maker that I often have notes all over the place reminding me of appointments or creating shopping lists.  I’ve always liked the idea of having a wall painted with chalkboard paint, but since I live in an apartment it’s not feasible.  So, when I saw these chalkboard stickers, I was curious and decided to give them a shot.

The set comes with 8 sheets of 8 by 12 inch pages and a couple pieces of standard chalk.  It was relatively well packaged with a cardboard page to prevent bending and then a plastic covering.  The chalk was in a small container, which didn’t protect as well as expected as at least one of the pieces of chalk was broken.  The product description says it comes with liquid chalk, but I had regular sticks of chalk in my package.

Putting the pages on the wall is pretty easy as there are peel off backing.  The pages are also easy to get off the wall, so if you’re putting up multiple pages, there’s easy enough to move to fit your needs.

Here’s where my problem is.  The pages are paper thin.  So, when they’re placed on my apartment wall that is slightly textured… well, it makes it hard to write on them with any sort of legible writing.  It also slightly hampers clean up.  You have to use a damp towel to clean up as the dry towels just smear the chalk around the page.  On the plus side, the covering on the page does protect it from the moisture.

The product can be hung on any solid surface, just be sure that it’s not textured.  All-in-all, this isn’t a bad product.  It just didn’t fit my needs or expectations.