Try it Tuesday: Willnorn iPhone 6s Case


iPhone 6s Case, Willnorn® [Norn One] [Silk] Ultra-Thin Double-faced Metal Luster Easy Assemble Flexible Hard iPhone 6s Case for Apple iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s (Black)
Manufacturer: Willnorn
Weight / Size :  7grams
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

The same inside and out 5 layer paint craft anti-scratch your iPhone 6s but still a ultra-thin surface.

  • Press reinforced design make a great button press feeling.
  • Anti-crack crevice design and use special PC material make case hardness but flexible, no easy crack.
  • Light and smooth as a silk. 7g weight and 0.7mm thickness, metal texture handle feel.
  • iPhone 6s Case. Compatible with Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6


Review: The case arrived in a padded envelope, and inside was a good weight cardboard box that the case was shipped in.  It would have to have taken quite a beating to be broken during shipping. Once I opened the box I found the case came with a cleaning cloth and dust removal stickers. Upon first inspection the case has a very soft feel to it and appears to be very flexible. The case fit on the phone without any issues. It did not scratch the shell of the phone or crack upon putting it on.

All the buttons are covered with the exception of the vibriate button. When using the buttons even though they are covered I found that I did not have to put a lot of extra pressure in order to make them work. On the bottom of the case the charging port and the headphones port are open and easy to use, and where the speaker is on the bottom instead of having it cut out like I have seen other cases do, there are little holes drilled to line up with the speaker holes on the phone. The best part about this case is that it is so slim. I put this on my phone and I don’t even realize that it is there it is so thin. The case itself even has a little bit of a grip to it so I don’t worry about dropping it like I would if I didn’t have a case on it.

There are only negative that I can see is that within a week or so of use the black paint that they use has started to flake off. Now I have a case with white spots on it. The second is that on the back where the camera is part of the flash is covered by the case.   don’t use the flash a lot on my phone so this has not been an issue for me but could be for others.

All in all I found this to be a good case that has held up well. I give this case a Lovely Rose rating.