Try It Tuesday: Sewing Scissors (3-Pack)


Sewing Scissors
Manufacturer: Durevole
Weight: 6.4 oz shipping weight
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • 1 of Dressmaker (8”) for Cutting out Patterns and Trimming Seams
  • 1 of Embroidery Scissors (4”) for Creative Stitchery
  • 1 of Thread Nippers (4”) for Cutting Thick Layers of Fabrics
  • Perfect gift for all your crafting friends and everyone who cooks, does art projects or need a great pair or pairs of scissors; 1 package has everything you need for sewing cutting
  • Great size loops for your fingers; easy to fit your hand into and with comfort


Review: I’m not really sure how to go about reviewing scissors but I’m game to give it a try. Having moved from Oregon to Hawaii about five years ago, I left all my sewing supplies behind. When I started sewing after that long hiatus, I had to re-stock everything. One of the things I lacked was a good pair of scissors and I really miss my tiny crane scissors for snipping threads.

As such, I’ve really enjoyed the thread nippers that came in this package. They feature a spring-loaded handle as opposed to the finger-and-thumb loops of standard scissors. They remind me of the snips an old Japanese neighbor used when I was a kid. I understand these types of scissors are easier to handle for those with arthritis or who have difficulty using standard scissors, and I do find it easier to just grab these when I need to do a little snip.

The small embroidery scissors I haven’t used much. I find it much easier to grab the snips. I put them in with my bead-working gear as they’re size-appropriate for that type of work.

The dressmaker shears are a delight to use. They have the angle for cutting fabric on a table that cheap craft scissors lack and the cut is smooth on all the fabrics I tried. I also like the large handle that holds all four fingers, not just one or two like a lot of scissors. This makes them much more comfortable to use.

The scissors arrived on a blank cardboard back with no name or logo. My first thought was, “Oh, these are going to be bad.” I don’t know how long they’ll last but they are working great right now. They comfortable and cut cleanly. You can’t ask for a lot more from scissors.