Try It Tuesday: Perfect Life Ideas Heat Resistant Glove


Heat Resistant Cooking Glove
Manufacturer: Perfect Life Ideas
Weight / Size: 11 x 0.7 x 5 inches; 4 ounces
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

Combine Safety with Functionality with the Heat Resistant Cooking Glove.
– FLEXIBLE FOR DEXTERITY AND SUPERBLY COMFORTABLE. This heat resistant cooking glove is much more flexible than bulky silicone oven mitts or cotton mitts, and can be at home or outside in the kitchen when cooking, baking, or just to handle hot pots, pans, vessels and more. Makes it easier to handle pots and pans for someone with arthritis.
– HEAT INSULATING COOKING GLOVE. This heat insulating kitchen glove is great as an oven mitt when you have to handle pans and utensils that are hot, or even when changing light bulbs.
Lightweight Heat Resistant Oven Mitt Fits like a Glove to use all five Fingers
– AMBIDEXTROUS. FITS RIGHT OR LEFT HAND. The glove can be used in the kitchen indoors or outside by either left or right handled people.
Use at Home in the kitchen or outdoors. Use only when dry. Do not use the glove when wet, as heat may be transmitted through moisture. The glove may char when in contact with hot surfaces.
– PERFECT FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE. The heat resistant oven mitt glove is flexible, and provides use of all five fingers for a firmer grip. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, for the oven, stove top.
– THE OVEN MITT THAT FITS LIKE A GLOVE ON ALL FIVE FINGERS. The insulated work glove gives the safety and protection you need and deserve. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!


Review: First of all, I was very impressed by how well the Perfect Life Ideas Heat Resistant Glove fit my hand. My hand are average size for a woman. When I put on the glove, the first thing I noticed was how easy it is to grip pans as I take them out of the oven. I expected it to be over-sized, stiff, and loose fit, but that was not the case. It was much more flexible than I expected as well.  I also wanted to try it on my husband, since his hands are much bigger than mine. It fit him very well. He was just as impressed as I was. He also said it was easy to grasp pans.

In order to test the heat resistance, I used my heat press. First, I set it at 350 degrees because this is the temperature I usually use on my oven. After it was completely heated, I put on the glove and laid my hand on the hot plate. It took several seconds for my hand to get warm. It wasn’t uncomfortable and didn’t burn but I wanted to test the glove at a higher temperature, so I removed my hand. At 500 degrees, obviously I felt the heat faster, but it wasn’t unbearable after leaving my hand on the hot plate for 15 seconds.

In my opinion, the Perfect Life Ideas Heat Resistant Glove is a great product. During the whole testing process, I never burned myself or got uncomfortably hot. I will definitely be using this glove when working with my heat press and while cooking. Not only is it heat resistant, it is also very well made. The quality of the glove is amazing. I expect it to last a very long time. It is comfortable and does exactly what it says it will do.