Try It Tuesday: Kody Double Dish Plastic Serving Dishes and Bowls


Kody Double Dish Plastic Serving Dishes and Bowls
Manufacturer:  Kody
Size/Weight: 6.2 x 3.5 x 6.2 inches / 12 oz.
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

Cleverly designed snack dish perfect for serving shelled nuts, olives, cherries and edamame beans
Allows you to hide shells and pits out of sight and out of the way
Removable top dish sits in larger bottom dish with 2 wide, open lips
Can also be used as two separate dishes
Made of durable melamine; dishwasher safe


Review:  I love kitchen and household gadgets.  And when they can do double duty, I’m super happy.  So when I had a review request for this double dish, I was intrigued.

The bowls were well packaged with enough padding to get through shipping with no cracking.  The bowls are made out of a durable plastic, but I had no problems with that especially since the bowls ultimately made their way to my office.

The concept is that there are two bowls, a larger bowl with a couple lips to allow access to that bowl when the small bowl is resting on the ledge.  The two can be used together or separately.  When used together, the lips allow the user to hide shells or wrappers or pits or whatever leftovers you have from what you’re eating.  Since the top bowl lifts out, if makes for easy clean up.  Or you can use them separately for something like chips and dip.

Right now I’m using my dish as a candy dish, slipping the wrappers into the bottom bowl.  I’ve also used it for peanuts and I’m looking forward to next summer and cherry season.  It would be perfect to slip those stems and pits out of sight.

I’ve been happy with my Kody Double Dish and really only wish that they offered it in a larger variety of colors.