Try It Tuesday: Island Fresh Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Manufacturer: Island Fresh
Weight / Size: 54 ounces
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • MCTs found in coconut oil help support a healthy metabolism and are instantly converted into energy. Promotes healthy weight management, enhances athletic performance and encourages sharp mental focus!
  • Apply our coconut oil to roots and ends of hair for a conditioning hair treatment. Use weekly for radiant and healthier looking hair!
  • Apply coconut oil to skin as a natural sunscreen, face cream and overnight treatment for everyday skin care. The ultimate food for your skin!
  • Use coconut oil in smoothies, stews, soups and more for its natural tropical flavor and aroma. Adds a nutritious, tasty and exotic element to recipes!
  • Certified organic and non-GMO


Review: Island Fresh Coconut Oil arrives in a large jar, cushioned in an Amazon box. In the photo, the oil shows as a solid white but it was a clear liquid when it arrived at my house in September. It was also a very hot month and I have since found out that coconut oil solidifies at lower temperatures. (Simply microwave to liquefy again.) Living in Hawaii, mine is still liquefied but the small jar I took to work (where air conditioning reigns) has solidified so I’ve been sampling both.

My main reason for wanting to try this is my dog. He was having a very itchy summer and nothing seemed to cure it. I read somewhere that virgin coconut oil on his coat (and just a bit on his food) would work wonders. In this case, I can’t guarantee it was the oil, but his itchiness did go away.

It also worked great on my nails. I have very dry and problematic cuticles – I’ve tried all sorts of specialty products but nothing works. Until now. I rubbed some of the coconut oil on before bed one night and the next morning they were nearly healed. I took some to work to rub in when my hands get dry and they feel softer than they ever have. I now use it regularly.

The other greatest thing I use it for is shaving. In place of soap or shaving cream, it leaves my legs feeling smooth and soft. (Just make sure your razor has a good grip on the handle so it doesn’t slip out of your hand.)

I’ve been reading further into the product description and there are more things I’m going to try – using it on my rough elbows and heels in place of lotion and rubbing it onto my split ends. I might even take it as a weight loss option (though I’m a little skeptical on that one). I’m sure if I do a little searching on the internet I’ll find even more uses, but even for my dog’s itching, softening my cuticles, and shaving, it’s worth every penny.